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FAA Supports Amazing NASA and SpaceX Launch

By SpaceRef Editor
June 2, 2020
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Our Air Traffic and Space Operations Team is on a Safety Mission

“This is such an exciting time for U.S. aerospace and our country as we begin a new era for U.S. space operations, and the future looks so bright,” FAA Administrator Steve Dickson.

Last weekend’s NASA and SpaceX Dragon Crew launch marks the return of human spaceflight from U.S. soil to orbit. It was an extraordinary launch and stunning reentry, and the incredible mission continues aboard the International Space Station. The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) air traffic and space operations team at the David J. Hurley Air Traffic Control System Command Centersupported the launch by keeping the public and our airspace safe. Watch a short video to learn more.

“I couldn’t be prouder of the FAA’s air traffic and space operations team who safely integrated this operation into our airspace with minimal disruption to other users,” said FAA Administrator Steve Dickson.

Are you wondering why the FAA is involved in space? We play an important role in the launch of spacecraft! Our Air Traffic Organization ensures the safety of the launch by moving aircraft out of the path of the spacecraft as it moves through the National Airspace System. They reroute aircraft, publish notices to alert pilots in the area, and then safely reopen the airspace to operators. Although we did not license this SpaceX launch, our Office of Commercial Space Transportation issues many launch licenses to keep the public safe during commercial space launch and reentry events, and we will be licensing human spaceflight launches in the future. We work in collaboration with other government agencies and aviation stakeholders to keep everyone safe. Read our story on Medium to get the details. Go to our space YouTube playlist to learn more.

We hope the SpaceX launch has inspired your interest in aerospace. Better yet, we encourage you to share NASA, SpaceX and FAA social media content with the young people you know to spark their curiosity and foster their possible future in aerospace!

SpaceRef staff editor.