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Exploring space keeps us “Closer and Safer” on Earth

By SpaceRef Editor
May 20, 2011
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Exploring space keeps us “Closer and Safer” on Earth

New Coalition PSA showcases the payoffs of space exploration here on terra firma

HOUSTON – Today the Coalition for Space Exploration (Coalition) launched a new online public service announcement showcasing technologies developed for the exploration of space and their impact in creating new technologies to protect, improve and enhance life on Earth. As the STS-134 crew is docked with the International Space Station on Space Shuttle Endeavour’s final mission, the Coalition calls attention to the vast benefits that are created by our investments in space exploration.

Entitled “Closer and Safer,” the 60-second piece depicts an astronaut appearing in unexpected places on Earth: in an oceanfront community during a hurricane, beside firefighters in a sweltering blaze and alongside surgeons performing an operation; demonstrating the positive outcome of space technology in our everyday lives.

“We enjoy a myriad of real benefits each day as a result of space exploration,” said Coalition Chairman Glenn Mahone. “Our intention is to not only inform viewers about these benefits, but cause them to think in new ways – outside the circle of Earth – and ask, ‘What’s next? What would our lives be like without these technologies?”

The PSA is the second video in the Coalition’s Think Outside the Circle campaign, an online, multimedia initiative that encourages viewers to consider how space exploration positively impacts life on Earth when making choices about America’s future and national priorities. The campaign is targeted to our nation’s leaders and the public.

Video is available here:

About the Coalition for Space Exploration
The Coalition for Space Exploration is a group of space industry businesses and advocacy groups that collaborates to ensure that the United States remains the leader in space, science and technology by reinforcing the value and benefits of space exploration with the public and our nation’s leaders, and building lasting support for a long-term, sustainable strategic direction for space exploration.

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