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Explore Mars Launches Mars Talk

By SpaceRef Editor
November 24, 2010
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BEVERLY, Mass. – November 18, 2010 – Explore Mars is pleased to announce the launch of a new online video talk show called Mars Talk. This talk show is produced and hosted by noted documentary film maker, Sam Burbank, who is known for documentaries that have appeared on the National Geographic Channel and Discovery. Most recently, Sam directed a multi-part Discovery Science Channel documentary called, “Powering the Future,” which explored new and innovative concepts for producing power over the next century.

Mars Talk will feature in depth interviews with many of the most prominent people in the Mars community. In the first episode of Mars Talk, NASA Ames planetary scientists, Chris McKay, talks about some of the exciting recent discoveries on Mars as well as how Mars can be used to advance science and engineering education. According to Sam Burbank, “I’ve spent my career interviewing some of the greatest minds in the world of space science. But with documentaries, we typically only use a few sound-bites from those often hour-plus interviews. Mars Talk is an uninterrupted interview-style format, allowing me to probe the minds of some of the greatest scientists, writers, and explorers thinking about Mars today, and put all of that on the screen. Think Charlie Rose for the space science set.”

Explore Mars hopes to be able to release at least eight episodes of Mars Talk in the next year, but according to Explore Mars Executive Director, Chris Carberry, “It is our hope that we will be able to increase the output of these programs over the next year. ” Carberry added, “I think the time has come for a regular talk show of this kind. I think the remarkable news that has come from the various rovers and orbiters around Mars show that Mars certainly deserves its own talk show.”
To view the premiere episode of Mars Talk, visit the website or click here:

About Explore Mars

Explore Mars believes that we must go to Mars and that we can go to Mars. Most of the technology we need has either already been created or is in the process of being worked on. Explore Mars will promote the creation of the science and technology still needed through a series of education awards, technology innovation awards, scientific symposiums, Mars analog work, technology demonstrations, and other programs, all with a use for Mars exploration and settlement. The organization provides a platform for scientists and “citizen scientists” to engage in meaningful space exploration research and development in the private sector. Some of the individuals involved in Explore Mars include Dr. Buzz Aldrin, Miles O’Brien, Andrew Chaikin, Dr. Chris McKay, Sam Burbank, and Dr. Penelope Boston.

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