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EUsatcom To Help Drive European Satcom Industry Forward in 2015

By SpaceRef Editor
March 11, 2015
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EUsatcom, the European Professional Satellite Association, is committed to making 2015 a milestone year for the organisation, with several initiatives underway whose shared goal is to raise awareness and participation in EUsatcom, as well as to promote the European satellite industry.

Why EUsatcom?

The diversity and number of organisations and businesses now supported the world over by the latest satellite communications solutions are greater than ever. The membership of EUsatcom reflects this with currently nearly 400 basic professional members, a core of 40 full members and 10 corporate members representing all parts of the satellite value chain.

The satellite industry is going through a transformation driven by developments in IP networking and connectivity around the world. The era of the monolithic and inflexible satellite solution is over. Satellite applications are now complementing terrestrial IP-based services. Collaboration with multiple technologies is on the rise, with satellite solutions increasingly most powerfully delivered in close partnership with teams of value chain partners, staffed by highly creative people – together they can provide an all-in hardware, network, software and service package to meet the operational requirements of today’s customers.

Once mainly dedicated to supporting broadcasters, telcos and the maritime industry, today, satellites are making a real difference in delivering round-the-world, round-the-clock connectivity. Satellites help rural communities connect to the internet, and they help organisations across a broad range of industries stay connected with operations and crew in the planet’s most remote locations. Satellite links ensure that manufacturing production lines stay up and that money transactions don’t fail. As well, today’s satellite solutions are widely used for emergency services and other critical government backed operations. Meanwhile, with the launch of Ultra High Definition TV (UHDTV) and new advanced video services, once again satellite is the engine for innovation in leading edge entertainment and information services for millions of people.

It is with this ‘big picture’ view in mind that EUsatcom wants to stimulate cross-industry co-operation and thus bring value to its members and ultimately promote the industry.

2015 EUsatcom Initiatives

This year will see a range of new initiatives from EUsatcom aimed at delivering new marketing opportunities to corporations and new networking vehicles for individual members.

Since 2012, participants at EUsatcom conferences and networking events have benefitted from the opportunity to hear presentations from world-leading experts on High Throughput Satellites (HTS) as well as other key areas of interest, such as IP-over satellite, multiservice networks, M2M, and interference management. Building on this achievement, EUsatcom@IBC 2015 is currently in the planning stage and the full agenda will be announced in the coming months.

“Our focus for EUsatcom@IBC2015 is the new ‘Innovation Platform’ where we will combine a traditional conference with an information/demonstration showcase and an Online Video Studio that will capture all speaker presentations, demos and will be a forum for visitors to the event to share their insights. We are currently looking for event supporters who are keen to take advantage of EUsatcom@IBC2015 as an opportunity to reach out to European satellite professionals with their corporate philosophy and message,” explains Hub Urlings, Director of Events, EUsatcom Bureau.

To accelerate its 2015 Membership Drive, EUsatcom has assembled a range of membership packages, offering tiered levels to meet the requirements of individual satellite professionals and student members, small and medium sized satellite businesses, as well as large corporations.

“We are eager to grow EUsatcom’s membership base in order to promote recognition as an authoritative voice in the European and global satellite community,” commented Jonathan Higgins, EUsatcom Chair. He added: “We’ve succeeded in building a European forum for satellite professionals to communicate and share knowledge and experience, and we are confident that our industry – and the people it supports – will benefit in many ways.”

In a special offer, a full EUsatcom membership provides satellite professionals access to EUsatcom@IBC2015 and other events as well as access to unique online platforms. Thanks to EUsatcom’s long association with the Society of Satellite Professionals (SSPI), signing up with EUsatcom gains SSPI membership as well.

In 2015 EUsatcom will strive to work closely with our industry’s most respected media and analysts to raise the profile of the organisation and its members – both corporate and individual – with the goal of sharing the vast expertise and wide ranging experiences of the EUsatcom member base with a wider audience. The end result will be more informed corporate strategies, and better satellite solutions for end users large and small.

EUsatcom@SATELLITE 2015

EUsatcom representatives will be attending SATELLITE 2015 with the goal of spreading the word about the organisation, promoting the benefits of membership at all tiers, and to further strengthen the already close partnership with SSPI.

Robert Bell, Executive Director of SSPI said: “We are delighted to welcome representatives of EUsatcom at our Gala in Washington. SSPI and EUsatcom entered an association agreement in 2014 and we look forward to contributing to the growth of our European partner in 2015.”

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About EUsatcom

EUsatcom was founded early 2014 by a number of European satellite groups including NLsatcom and the Broadcasting and Satellite Network-SSPI UK as the European satellite professionals’ platform to provide peer learning and networking opportunities. As an independent organisation EUsatcom is partnered with the Society of Satellite Professionals International (SSPI).

Established as a non-profit organisation headquartered in the Netherlands EUsatcom keeps satellite professionals and companies in Europe up to date with the latest developments in the satellite industry and offers them a platform for professional and business networking. It has been the launchpad for successful industry initiatives including conferences and networking events in Amsterdam since 2012. Additional future events are in development for 2015 and beyond.

For further information, please contact:

EUsatcom Bureau
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