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European Rover Challenge 2015 and Space Days in Poland

By SpaceRef Editor
February 23, 2015
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The Space Days Poland conference and the second edition of the European Rover Challenge will take place on 3 – 6 September in Poland. “This is an important event for the space sector in Poland and a great opportunity to present the potential of the engineering staff as well as the achievements of students” evaluates Gra?yna Henclewska, Deputy Minister of Economy in Poland.

Space Days Poland 2015 is an event which will gather representatives of foreign markets interested in establishing business relations with Polish companies operating in the space sector. The conference will also be participated by selected designers of student rovers which will encourage to commercialise the existing scientific achievements. The event will take place on 3 – 4 September in Kielce. More about Space Days can be found at 

European Rover Challenge 2015 is the second edition of an event which was very successful last year and was held at the Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre in Podzamcze near Kielce. The event attracted more than 25 thousand visitors while 10 teams from four different continents participated in the rover challenge. The audience featured Professor Scott Hubbard, former Director of NASA Ames and Robert Zubrin, founder of the Mars Society who observed the challenge. This year, it is planned to expand the form of the challenge by featuring a special track for professional robots which are used daily by uniformed services etc. An invitation to act as one of judges was accepted by the Director of the Robotics Department of the European Space Agency. The challenge will take place on 5 – 6 September in the Leonardo da Vinci Science Centre at the Regional Science-Technology Centre in Podzamcze. More about ERC 2015 can be found at 

“Continuation of the ERC is a signal that the event was received well by both, the audience and the student teams from all over the world. Recruitment of contenders started a few weeks ago and the first teams from Poland, the US and Canada have registered already” says ?ukasz Wilczy?ski from the European Space Foundation which is the organiser of the event. “We are also in the course of negotiating with companies and institutions which would like to present themselves during the event in the area dedicated to scientific experiments and new technology exhibition” adds Wilczy?ski. 

Both, Space Days Poland 2015 and European Rover Challenge 2015 are organised under honorary patronage of the Polish Ministry of Economy.  The ERC is co-organised by the Regional Science-Technology Centre of the ?wi?tokrzyskie Province. 

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The European Space Foundations conducts educational and promotional activities within the scope of science, engineering, technology and mathematic (the STEM fields). The superior goal of the Foundation is development of interdisciplinary projects aiming at growing and strengthening of the society’s interest in space research, engineering and astronomy. The main area of the Foundation’s activity covers countries being members of or aspiring to join the European Space Agency. More about Foundation can be found at 

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