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European Commission supports the use of ISS

By SpaceRef Editor
September 6, 2005
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European Commission supports the use of ISS

The scientific objective of IMPRESS (Intermetallic Materials Processing in Relation to Earth and Space Solidification) is to gain a better understanding of the links between materials processing routes, structure and final properties of intermetallic alloys. Technically speaking, the project aims to develop and test two distinct prototypes based on intermetallic materials; namely gas turbine blades and Raney-type catalytic powder. Numerous material processing routes are being explored within the project with a strong emphasis on solidification. For turbine blade manufacturing the principal processes under study are tilt casting, counter-gravity casting and centrifugal casting. For catalytic powder production the focus is placed on gas atomisation and vapour condensation processes. IMPRESS combines a wide range of fundamental studies of solidification both on ground and in space, as well as industrial process development.

Microgravity platforms such as the International Space Station (ISS) and parabolic flights will be used to perform benchmark experiments on these alloys. IMPRESS combines the expertise of 42 research groups from academia and industry.

The IMPRESS Integrated Project is co-funded by the European Commission in the 6th Framework Programme, the European Space Agency, the Swiss Government and the individual partner organisations.

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