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EuroNews launches TV space magazine with ESA

By SpaceRef Editor
April 7, 2004
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EuroNews launches TV space magazine with ESA

2 April 2004: Today sees the launch of a special TV magazine dedicated to Space, produced by EuroNews in collaboration with ESA.

The topic of the first show is on preparations for Galileo. This Space Magazine will be broadcast on EuroNews every fortnight, in 7 languages, and is also available on the web.

Although space issues are already covered in its bulletins for breaking news, EuroNews is now dedicating a special programme to Space issues, complementing its more technically focused Hi-Tech magazine. The Space Magazine, produced in close collaboration with ESA, takes the form of a report on a special topic, providing deeper analysis than the regular newscasts. The stories will cover all space activities: science, applications, Earth observation, launchers and human spaceflight. The aim is to help Europeans understand the benefits of the missions and activities of their space agency.

EuroNews is a key media to deliver international information with a European point of view.

Broadcast in 79 countries, EuroNews reaches 144 million households in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Central Asia, North and Latin America via cable, digital satellite and through terrestrial channels.

The Space Magazine will be produced and broadcast every two weeks, with a new programme starting every second Friday. Each magazine is four minutes long and broadcast 21 times in one week , including evening prime time on Fridays and Saturdays, in order to reach a maximum audience.

Monday 12:45 18:15   00:15
Tuesday 12:45 18:15   00:15
Wednesday 12:45 18:15   00:15
Thursday 12:45 18:15   00:15
Friday   17:45 20:45 00:15
Saturday 12:45   21:15 00:15
Sunday 12:45 18:15   00:15

EuroNews on the web

Missed the programme? You can watch it again at your convenience on the web. The Space Magazine will have its special place on the EuroNews website from Monday 5 April.

SpaceRef staff editor.