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Eumetsat: cooperation with EU

By SpaceRef Editor
September 6, 2005
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Eumetsat: cooperation with EU

At the last Council of Eumetsat, discussions have been initiated in view of concluding a cooperation agreement between the European Union and Eumetsat.

Such an agreement could:

  • ensure an increased efficiency in using current and future European space capacities in support of EC policies to the benefit of European citizens;
  • foster in Europe the establishment of operational environmental information, the broader utilisation of operational environmental satellite data, and the funding and carrying out of joint initiatives;
  • enable the participation in the development of the European Space Policy by ensuring maximum use within Europe of the existing and planned operational satellite systems for meteorology, climate and environment, and the related operational infrastructures of Eumetsat;

Concerning the European Space Programme, and in particular GMES, EU could take advantage of Eumetsat’s experience in establishing and exploiting operational satellite systems for meteorology, climate and environment to support the development and exploitation of wider operational services, respecting the missions of national institutions within Member States.

SpaceRef staff editor.