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EU and Israel Reach GALILEO agreement

By SpaceRef Editor
March 29, 2004
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EU and Israel Reach GALILEO agreement

An agreement has been reached between the European Union and the State of
Israel on its participation in the GALILEO programme.

The agreement was initialled in Jerusalem on 17 March 2004 by François
Lamoureux, the European Commission’s Director-General of Energy and Transport,
and Ra’anan Dinur, Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Industry,
Trade and Labour.

Negotiated in record time, the agreement provides for co-operative satellite
navigation and timing activities in a wide range of sectors, notably science
and technology, industrial manufacturing, service and market development, as
well as standardisation, frequencies and certification. It also paves the way
for Israel to take part financially in the programme through a stake in the
GALILEO Joint Undertaking, the body managing the programme.

Israel is one of eight countries within the world space community demonstrating
significant technological background in Global Navigation Satellite Systems
(GNSS), including applications, equipment, and regional technology. Israel
expressed its interest in participating in the GALILEO programme and its willingness
to support the European position on standardisation and frequencies allocation
in June 2003.

SpaceRef staff editor.