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eTrue Launches First Biometric Internet Service With NASA As Its First Customer – eTrue’s Biometric Logon Service Offers The Most Secure Access To Web

By SpaceRef Editor
January 2, 2001
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eTrue, the first biometric authentication service that is outsourced over the Internet, today announced that it has launched the eTrue biometric logon service with its initial customer NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). NASA employees will use eTrue to access secure data on network servers from home. Additional customers are in the process of signing contracts with eTrue for the service, and will be announced soon.

The eTrue Internet outsourcing service authenticates users for both Web and local network logon through multiple biometrics, such as face and fingerprint verification, providing 100% user authentication. The award winning service is hosted by Exodus Communications and eTrue manages the service, 7 X 24, for its customers.

eTrue’s biometric logon to websites and networks benefits enterprises such as banks, securities brokers, insurance companies, hospitals and government agencies that only want trusted users to access high value transactions and data. Unlike passwords, unregistered users will think twice before trying to logon, since they will have their biometric identities recorded. All transactions are logged for reports and future audits. New federal privacy regulations under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) make the eTrue service an obvious choice for HIPAA compliance by the health care industry.

David Teitelman, eTrue president and CEO, said, “With this launch, eTrue is bringing biometric logon to e-businesses over the Internet. With no PINs, passwords, cards, keys or tokens to lose or forget, there is nothing to hack or steal. Logon for users and network administrators will be greatly simplified. eTrue is not only the most secure user authentication service available, but also the most reliable, quickest to install and easiest to use, since eTrue manages all ID registration, authentication, exceptions, administration and upgrades.”

eTrue recently received the Frost & Sullivan 2000 Market Engineering Award, which recognizes innovation in US business offerings. The award positioned eTrue as the pioneer of managed biometric authentication solutions.

The eTrue service is easily installed, with no capital outlay needed, making it the lowest total-cost-of-ownership for biometric authentication. eTrue also provides, at no additional charge, video cameras and finger readers to customers. Customers such as NASA, which have signed on with eTrue’s Early Adopter Program, will be operational in days, instead of months, if they were to integrate a biometrics solution themselves. The eTrue service easily scales to accommodate any number of users, and is available around the clock, seven days a week.

The security and reliability of biometric transactions and storage is assured through a hosted implementation that includes secure socket layer (SSL) Internet communication, encrypted transactions and secure, redundant servers with automatic fail-over and multi-layered firewalls, maintained by eTrue and its hosting partner, Exodus Communications. Exodus, with its three optical T3 lines and with battery and diesel backup power, has no single point of failure for eTrue’s authentication transactions.

The eTrue service works on client PCs running Windows 98, NT and 2000, and with servers running Windows, Unix, and Linux. Additional platforms are planned in the future. Contact eTrue on their web site,, for pricing and additional information on the eTrue biometric service.

About eTrue

Headquartered in Southborough, MA, eTrue is the first managed service provider of biometric authentication using multiple biometrics. eTrue combines the advantages of the Web and biometrics to offer customers the most reliable way to verify user IDs with the least amount of capital outlay, integration effort, administration, maintenance and risk. eTrue’s separate product division provides the most accurate face recognition software solutions for physical access control and automated surveillance.

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