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Eric Stallmer Joins Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. as Executive Vice President of Government Affairs and Public Policy

By SpaceRef Editor
September 17, 2020
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Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. (Voyager), a global leader in space exploration, today announced the appointment of Eric Stallmer as executive vice president of government affairs and public policy. Stallmer will lead Voyager’s Washington D.C. office and will be responsible for representing the interests of Voyager to key government institutions including Congress, the White House and the many federal agencies that impact the success of Voyager and its subsidiaries.

The global space industry and subsequent interest in space exploration has grown rapidly in recent years, sparking innovation and partnerships amongst commercial space startups and incumbents. Washington D.C. has become a critical area of growth for many of these companies — Stallmer’s new role in D.C. will be crucial to establishing and fostering continued partnership between the public and private sectors impacting Voyager’s growing commercial space capability.

“As our organization continues its rapid growth, it’s important that we help provide leadership in the commercial sector and provide our perspective from a regulatory standpoint,” said Dylan Taylor, CEO and chairman of Voyager. “Eric’s stellar reputation precedes him, and we are eager to have him join our team to not only represent us in Washington, but to also give our organization the added insight on public policy to help us continue to execute on our successful growth plan.”

Stallmer spent the last six years serving as president for the Commercial Spaceflight Federation(CSF) where he led the organization in promoting increased development of commercial spaceflight and inspiring innovation within the sector. Stallmer is currently part of the National Space Council’s User Advisory Group (UAG) and has provided testimony to Congress on several occasions. He serves as a member of the FAA’s Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC), served as a co-chair of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airspace Integration Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC), and was a member of the Space Launch and Reentry ARC and the Spaceport ARC.

“Voyager will now have an amplified voice on business and policy matters that may impact their growth. The commercial sector of the space industry has grown so rapidly that it is incumbent on us to help the government have real time awareness of the pace of this dynamic sector. Having a highly experienced team in Washington will allow Voyager to focus their time and resources on developing and maturing their products, rather than focusing on legislation and policies,” said Stallmer. “It’s hard to describe how excited I am to be joining Voyager at this seminal moment in the space industry. I eagerly look forward to helping foster the continued growth of Voyager and its subsidiaries.”

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About Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. Voyager Space Holdings, Inc. is a global leader in space exploration. Voyager’s long-term mission is to create a vertically integrated publicly traded NewSpace company capable of delivering any mission humans can conceive. By centralizing shared services functions at the parent company level, Voyager enables engineer founded and led subsidiaries to focus more on development of innovative products and services. The firm’s first in industry model is uniquely tailored to support the growth needs of commercial space companies by offering an alternative solution to traditional private capital models and replaces them with a longer-term approach as a provider of permanent capital. Voyager is led by founders and space industry veterans Dylan Taylor and Matthew Kuta, with a Board of Directors that includes National Security Expert and four-star Air Force General William Shelton, leading investor Gabe Finke, and a world leading planetary Scientist, Dr. Alan Stern. To learn more about Voyager Space Holdings, Inc., please visit:

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