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Epiomed and NASA Sign Space Act Agreement for INSCOP, an Intra-nasal Scopolamine Product

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October 12, 2012
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Epiomed Therapeutics, Inc. (“Epiomed”) announced today that it has entered into a Reimbursable Space Act Agreement (SAA) with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas for the development, distribution, manufacture and market release of INSCOP, an intra-nasal scopolamine product.

Full text of NASA/Epiomed Therapeutics Space Act Agreement

A gel formulation of INSCOP has previously been developed and tested under a SAA between NASA-Johnson Space Center and the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory, Pensacola, FL (NAMRL). Results from the NAMRL / NASA trial have been published in the journal Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, and suggest that INSCOP is a fast-acting, reliable, operationally suitable, countermeasure for prophylaxis and treatment of motion sickness with a great potential for rescue treatment.

In 2010, NAMRL disestablished and became part of the Naval Medical Research Unit – Dayton, OH (NAMRU-D). NAMRU-D is currently working a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with Epiomed to test an aqueous formulation of INSCOP (INSCOP Spray). The aim of INSCOP Spray development is to offer a fast acting formulation with no notable side-effects experienced with currently marketed formulations of the drug.

Epiomed will take responsibility for further development and commercialization of INSCOP, assisted by NASA-HH&P (Human Health & Performance Directorate) technology, and assume sponsorship of the IND (Investigational New Drug) from NASA under the SAA.

David R. Helton, President and CEO of Epiomed, said “NASA and NAMRL did ground breaking work with INSCOP gel. Now Epiomed is dedicated to complete the required clinical evaluations in collaboration with NASA and NAMRU-D to facilitate market release of INSCOP Spray.”

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David R. Helton
President, CEO and CSO
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