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ep. Dave Weldon-R (FL15) Leads Defeat of Cut to ISS

By SpaceRef Editor
June 21, 2000
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Independent Agencies appropriations bill, Rep. Tim Roemer-D (IN), once
again, brought forth another attempt to kill the International Space Station
(ISS). This was the ninth year in a row, Rep. Roemer tried to end the
hard-work of the thousands of people worldwide involved with the ISS.

Roemer’s attempt by a final vote tally of 98 (Y) to 325 (N). More voted for
ISS this year than last year or any previous year (1999 121-298; 1998
109-323; 1997 112-305; 1996 146-269). Prior to the Republican Majority
takeover in 1994, ISS survivied by only one vote, (1993 215-216).

strong the ISS program is and how the entire Congress believes in it and is
behind it”, said Rep. Dave Weldon-R (FL 15). “With Service Module about to
be launched and all the hardware stacked up at the Cape ready to fly, this
Congress realizes that ISS is coming together in an exciting and dynamic

of my colleagues coming out in favor of ISS. Even in spite of the
Clinton-Gore foreign policy debacle to put the Russians in the critical path
which has cost us billions, Congressional members from all over the country
understand what great potential the Space Station has. I am proud to lead
the fight to promote and protect ISS in Congress.”

SpaceRef staff editor.