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Energomash completed RD-0124MS engine chamber test cycle

By SpaceRef Editor
May 4, 2021
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The Voronezh rocket engine building center (part of Energomash integrated rocket engine building structure of Roscosmos) has successfully completed a cycle of fire tests of the standard chamber of the RD-0124MS liquid propellant rocket engine, created at Energomash and intended to be used in the Soyuz-5 perspective carrier rocket second stage.

The tests have confirmed the operability and characteristics of the camera in the modes listed in the technical design specification. This allows testing the engine chamber with a high-altitude nozzle in high-altitude conditions, as well as the manufacture of developmental engines for ground fire testing.

The RD-0124MS rocket engine with a thrust in the void of 60 tons runs on ‘liquid oxygen/naphthyl’ propellant components and is intended for the second stage of the Soyuz-5 launch vehicle. It consists of two blocks located on a common frame; each of the blocks includes two chambers. The engine chambers tilt in two planes, as well as operate with one of the units turned off, including at a reduced thrust mode.

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