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Ellison Congratulates the Installation of the First Ground-Based Missile Interceptor at Fort Greely, Alaska

By SpaceRef Editor
July 25, 2004
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The following statement can be
attributed to Riki Ellison, president of the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance
in recognition of the installation of the first ground-based interceptor at
Fort Greely, Alaska:

“As the 9-11 report so clearly stated the threats to America’s public
safety are real and the United States must take decisive action to protect
itself in the months and years to come. Toward that end, on behalf of the
American public who overwhelmingly support missile defense, we recognize and
congratulate the delivery and installation of the first defensive missile
placed in a silo at Fort Greely, Alaska. This defensive missile is a critical
first step in establishing a defensive system that will have the capability of
protecting our entire country from a ballistic missile attack. This
significant milestone is one of many that will be forthcoming in the next few
months leading to the deployment of a multi-layered missile defense system
giving the United States a first ever foundation to enhance and evolve
protection of our public safety from ballistic missile attacks carrying
weapons of mass destruction.

“Public surveys throughout our country show that Americans — Democrat,
Republican and Independent — overwhelmingly support missile defense, want it
deployed as soon as possible and believe it is money well spent.”

Ellison is a former professional football player. He was a linebacker for
the San Francisco 49ers, with whom he won three Super Bowls. Continuing a
commitment to missile defense that began in college, he has more than 20 years
experience advocating, educating and advising on the issue. He founded the
Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance as a non-profit organization to educate and
reflect the American Public’s position on missile defense.

For details on the polling conducted on this important issue, visit the
MDAA website at:

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