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EHSI Acquires License for NASA Bioreactor – Celulas Genetica to Use NASA Tech to Develop Stem Cell Cures

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December 28, 2010
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HOUSTON–Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. (PinkSheets:EHSI) announced today that the company acquired a license to use its NASA bioreactor to expand adult stem cells.

“Innovative technology is essential to the development of new and advanced medical treatments”

The license pertains to the use of NASA’s Intrifuge Rotary Cell Culture SystemTM, a rotating-wall bioreactor originally designed to facilitate the growth of human cells in simulated weightlessness. Cell cultures, including stem cells, grown inside the bioreactor look and function much closer to human cells grown within the body than cell cultures grown in Petri dishes. EHSI’s license covers use of the bioreactor to expand progenitor cells in China, India, Costa Rica, Panama, Poland, Germany and all of South America.

The license for the Rotary Cell Culture System developed by NASA is owned by Regenetech, from whom EHSI acquired a sublicense. Stem cell expansion is essential to the stem cell research planned by Celulas Genetica, EHSI’s biotech division, including its current endeavor to develop a revolutionary new cure for liver disease known as the Rutherford Procedure.

EHSI acquired the bioreactor earlier this month.

“Innovative technology is essential to the development of new and advanced medical treatments,” said EHSI President and CEO Cindy Morrissey. “Our immediate plan is to send this NASA bioreactor to China, where we’ll contract a firm to use the culture system to expand adult stem cells for use in clinical trials of the Rutherford Procedure. However, we envision using this unique technology to develop stem-cell cures and treatments for many illnesses in the future.”

The Rutherford Procedure is a groundbreaking organ regeneration treatment being developed to utilize proton-beam technology to destroy diseased organ tissue for regeneration using adult stem cells. During the procedure, proton therapy will be used to destroy scar-tissue cells in the liver using high-energy proton beams, a non-invasive treatment proven to minimize damage to healthy tissues and to eliminate the side effects (including nausea) of traditional radiation therapy.

As the scar tissue is systematically destroyed by the proton therapy, a catheter will deliver the patient’s own cultured stem cells directly to the patient’s liver through the bloodstream. As more and more diseased tissue is destroyed, these cultured stem cells could help regenerate the patient’s damaged, cirrhotic liver into a healthy, functioning organ once more.

Celulas Genetica purchased a license to develop and market the Rutherford Procedure earlier this month, a day before EHSI announced the company’s acquisition. Celulas Genetica is only the latest outpost in Emerging Healthcare Solutions’ global footprint. In addition to its Houston headquarters, the company also maintains business offices in Frankfurt, Germany and Warsaw, Poland.

EHSI invests in technology developed to compete in the stem-cell research industry alongside Amgen (NASDAQ:AMGN), Dendreon Corporation (NASDAQ:DNDN), Smith & Nephew (NYSE:SNN) and Pharmaceutical Product Development (NASDAQ:PPDI).

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Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc. invests in and participates in the profits of emerging breakthrough medical technologies. The Company believes the secret of leveraging future value for its shareholders is the proper timing of its investment in promising new medical technologies. EHSI aims to capture future profits of promising new medical technologies by investing in these technologies at the inflection point of product development. We believe this model will deliver long-term positive results for our investors.

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