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EDS Internet Technology Gives Millions Around the Globe a Lesson in Endangered Species and Ecology

By SpaceRef Editor
January 27, 2003
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EDS expertise used in the development of the Joint Strike Fighter
is giving middle-school students worldwide a rare educational opportunity to
learn about endangered animals and key ecological issues.

EDS developed the digital lab Save the Channel Island Foxes as part of its
sponsorship of the 14th annual JASON Project expedition running from Jan. 27
through Feb. 7. The online simulation engages students and teachers from
around the world in an exploration of the unique Channel Islands region near
Santa Barbara, Calif. It serves as a laboratory for studying nature’s dynamic
ecological systems and protecting endangered species.

EDS’ multiple Internet components, including streaming video and other
multimedia tools, apply environmental forecasting techniques to simulate the
fox habitat. Similar techniques are employed by EDS software helping NASA’s
Jet Propulsion Laboratory forecast the performance of its space satellites and
telescopes and the European Space Agency test the performance of the Beagle 2
Mars Lander.

The EDS digital lab challenges students to use their deductive skills to
determine which ecological factors are tied to the decline of the fox
population, and then apply their research to help restore the population in a
simulated activity. The digital lab is available at .

“EDS works closely with JASON scientists to bring technology to the
classrooms in an engaging user-friendly way. Not only does it make science
‘come alive,’ it helps students experience the creative Web-based applications
that will help them in their future careers,” said Keith Kuehn, vice president
of EDS Online and Marketing Communications.

The JASON Project is an internationally renowned educational program
incorporating cutting-edge technologies, a multidisciplinary curriculum,
professional training for teachers and Internet communications into one
comprehensive learning agenda.

“For 14 years EDS has provided us with the technology that has transformed
the JASON project into a unique and effective education tool reaching students
all over the world. There’s just no other program like it that gives children
and teachers an interactive way to build their deductive skills, learn first-
hand about science, and have fun doing it,” said Dr. Robert Ballard, founder
of the JASON Project.

EDS — A Founding Sponsor

As the founding sponsor, EDS has worked with Dr. Ballard and the JASON
Project since its inception in 1989. EDS supports the JASON Project, the
world’s premier distance-learning program, to offer students a true-to-life
opportunity to stretch their aspiring-scientist wings.

“EDS has been supporting the JASON Project for 14 years because it is a
natural extension of EDS’ number one priority in the community — education,”
said Doug Frederick, EDS executive vice president, president of Operations
Solutions and member of the JASON Foundation for Education Board of Directors.
“By enabling students to become more familiar with current technologies, we
also help increase the knowledge of our future workforce.”

About 1,300 EDS volunteers and technology experts from EDS’ global
workforce are also actively involved in the program.

EDS also will deliver live daily broadcasts from the Channel Islands via from Jan. 27 – Feb. 7. EDS’ video-streaming capability
gives Internet participants much of the same perspectives as student
explorers. EDS has been providing video streaming to the JASON Project since

To watch a Webcast of the JASON XIV expedition, go to .

About the Expedition

The JASON Project reaches about one million students and teachers from
Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, and Germany who
will view the live broadcast. The Internet will enable millions more to share
the excitement of the project.

The project is designed to raise students’ interest in science and
technology careers and help teachers improve their instruction in grades four
through nine. Each year, a small group of students is chosen to participate
in JASON explorations, where they work with scientists at the expedition site.

About EDS

EDS, the leading global services company, provides strategy,
implementation, business transformation and operational solutions for clients
managing the business and technology complexities of the digital economy. EDS
brings together the world’s best technologies to address critical client
business imperatives. It helps clients eliminate boundaries, collaborate in
new ways, establish their customers’ trust and continuously seek improvement.
EDS, with its subsidiaries, serves the world’s leading companies and
governments in 60 countries. EDS reported revenues of $21.5 billion in 2001.
The company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the London
Stock Exchange. Learn more at .

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For more information about EDS and the JASON Project, see .

For general information about the JASON Project, go to and see Media Center.

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