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Economic Action Plan 2013 Delivers for Canadian Aerospace

By SpaceRef Editor
March 31, 2013
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The Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC) is very pleased with measures announced in the Economic Action Plan 2013 released today in Ottawa. “The measures announced in the 2013 Economic Action Plan constitute an excellent short-term response to the Aerospace Review report released in December,” said Jim Quick, President & CEO of AIAC. The Action Plan specifically addresses several Emerson Report recommendations in what the government qualifies as “early actions in response to the Aerospace Review.” These include:

Stable funding of nearly $1B over five years provided to the Strategic Aerospace and Defence Initiative (SADI) and a commitment to reviewing the administration and operation of the Program over the coming year;

The creation of an Aerospace Technology Demonstration Program of $110M over 5 years beginning in 2014-15 and $55M annually thereafter, to be partly funded by SADI at $20 million per year;

Launching of consultations regarding the creation of a National Aerospace Research and Technology Network;

Review of cost-recovery rates for Aircraft Safety Certification to ensure the program responds to growth in demand for certification;

A federal commitment to review the Emerson report recommendations to better support Canada’s space leadership and capabilities.

The government also committed to additional action over the coming year to “improve the focus and coordination of federal programs and practices.”

“AIAC and its member companies look forward to supporting this government work, particularly with respect to the space industry,” said Mr. Quick, noting, “Canada’s global success depends on the development of innovative technologies and securing sales in this highly competitive global industry. Supportive and well-implemented government programs are critical.”

Other positive Action Plan measures deemed to have a significant positive impact for the Canadian aerospace industry include the use of key industrial capabilities for military procurement, small business incentives, skills development, domestic financing, technology development and demonstration.

“AIAC supports the Government of Canada’s strategy to reduce the federal deficit through spending discipline, and by encouraging economic growth geared towards exports, investment and innovation,” said Mr. Quick. “We thank the government for making aerospace growth a priority. Our industry is keen to play its part by making strategic technology investments and creating even more highly skilled jobs for Canadians.”

SpaceRef staff editor.