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Ecliptic Celebrates a Decade of Successful RocketCam(TM) Launches

By SpaceRef Editor
August 1, 2007
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Ecliptic Celebrates a Decade of Successful RocketCam(TM) Launches

PASADENA, Calif., Aug. 1 Ten years ago today was the first successful launch of the popular RocketCam(TM) video system onboard a Delta II rocket, launching NASA’s Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft from Florida. The product family is now a globally recognized brand, with a premier customer base in commercial, civil and defense markets.

Since 1997, RocketCam systems have been employed successfully on 53 of 53 launches — 51 onboard rockets as the host platform and 2 onboard spacecraft. During the past decade, RocketCam has evolved from a nice-to-have to must-have capability for many aerospace applications.

Notable projects supported by RocketCam include numerous NASA launches of spacecraft destined for low Earth orbit and Mars, the X Prize-winning SpaceShipOne effort during 2004, Space Shuttle launches (including capturing the now-famous External tank foam-falling incident during the post-Columbia Return-to-Flight launch in 2005), and multiple launches of the new Atlas 5 and Delta IV rockets. To date, RocketCam has been successfully integrated and demonstrated on more than a dozen U.S. launch systems.

RocketCam systems have also successfully supported over a dozen other demanding aerospace projects not involving a launch per se, such as rocket motor test firings, aircraft and balloon projects, vacuum chamber tests, motor vehicle applications and marine projects. Secondary adaptations of the raw RocketCam video content for use in award-winning documentaries, PR campaigns and television have also been popular.

Dramatic video highlights from selected RocketCam projects may be viewed at

Future RocketCam applications include every remaining Shuttle launch planned for the program (three separate views); launches onboard commercial and government spacecraft heading to various Earth orbits, the Moon and possibly Mars; various efforts in the emerging space tourism and entrepreneurial space arena; and missile defense efforts. RocketCam fans should expect to see on average one launch per month for the next several years.

About Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation: Ecliptic provides systems for accessing and experiencing space and other extreme environments. Its technical staff has a broad range of direct experience on over 85 space missions, including several low-cost missions involving small satellites. The privately held firm’s core competencies include space systems engineering, aerospace avionics, instrument systems and aerospace test equipment. Ecliptic has offices in Pasadena and Moffett Field, California. See more at

RocketCam(TM) is a trademark of Ecliptic Enterprises Corporation.

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