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eBay Bid on SoloTrek XFV Surpasses $1 Million Within 48 Hours

By SpaceRef Editor
January 13, 2003
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Priceless, One-of-a-Kind Prototype Aircraft Creates Frenzy As Bids Continue to Climb

Trek Aerospace,
Inc., an innovative Silicon Valley aerospace defense contractor,
announced today that the eBay bid on the POC (proof-of-concept)
prototype of its SoloTrek(TM) XFV® (Exoskeleton Flying Vehicle) has
surpassed $1 million.

“Offering SoloTrek on eBay has created a frenzy that’s been
amazing to watch — and it’s only the beginning!” said Michael
Moshier, Chief Executive Officer, Trek Aerospace. “The opportunity to
own such a unique piece of aviation history doesn’t come along every
day, and bidding interest has gone through the roof. Excitement is
running high with potential buyers from around the globe posting bids
almost non-stop. Typically on eBay, bidding activity is sluggish until
near the end of an auction, however, bidding for the SoloTrek
prototype soared to over $1 million in less than 48 hours.”

The SoloTrek auction began on eBay at noon PST Jan. 10 with an
opening bid of $50,000. Bidding activity began immediately and
surpassed the $500,000 mark before the end of the first day. Within 48
hours, the bidding had gone over $1 million and continues to climb.
The auction will conclude at noon PST on Jan. 17.

SoloTrek XFV is a VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft
that a person steps on, straps on, and flies in an upright position.
The POC prototype achieved its first controlled hover flight Dec. 18,
2001 and has continued to undergo development and testing including 60
manned flights. The first vehicle of its kind to fly, similar to the
Wright Flyer 100 years ago, the prototype is being sold as the
company’s second-generation prototype begins hover-testing. The
successful bidder, hopefully a major aerospace museum, must execute an
agreement warranting the aircraft be used for static exhibition and
educational purposes only.

About Trek Aerospace

Trek Aerospace is a privately held company that designs, develops
and manufactures small manned and unmanned VTOL aircraft. To learn
more about its flagship product SoloTrek XFV, visit the website at

Downloadable video clips and high-resolution photos are available

“SoloTrek” and “XFV” are trademarks of Trek Aerospace Inc.


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