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EarthDaily Analytics Announces Timeline for the Launch of Next Generation Satellite Constellation

By SpaceRef Editor
July 21, 2021
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EarthDaily Analytics Corp., a vertically-integrated data processing and analytics company, today announces the timeline for the launch of the company’s new constellation of earth observing satellites. The EarthDaily satellite constellation will significantly enhance geospatial analytics capabilities in agriculture, forestry, environment, financial services, and defense and intelligence, among many other verticals.

Construction of the new generation of satellites will begin in July 2021, with launches scheduled in 2023. The new satellites will collect scientific-grade imagery of the planet in a unique combination of 21 spectral bands, many of which will be 5-meter resolution. The constellation will have an expected lifespan of over 10 years.

“EarthDaily Analytics’ nine satellite constellation is a system capable of imaging virtually the entire world’s landmass every day, in addition to significant portions of the planet’s maritime areas,” says Don Osborne, CEO of EarthDaily Analytics. “Our plan is now fully underway. This constellation is going to change the business of monitoring both natural and human-caused change across the planet, enabling a wide range of ground-breaking AI and machine learning applications and at scale, global geoanalytics.”

The mission plan is as follows:

  • July 2021 – Mission Kick Off and Launch of the Foundational Partner Program (FPP
  • August 2021 – EarthPipeline to become an AWS Certified Independent Software Vendor (ISV) (processing and calibration engine for EarthDaily constellation)
  • September 2021 – Launch of EarthMosaics Beta service to automatically generate cloud-free large area mosaics of the Earth
  • 2022 – Launch of New Analytics Platform for Agriculture
  • 2023 – Satellites launched and operational

International private equity firm Antarctica Capital announced the formation of EarthDaily Analytics Corporation (EDA) in April 2021. EDA has developed a market leading, proprietary cloud-based data processing software that transforms raw imagery into highly accurate, analytics-ready imagery products. The company’s Geosys division is a 30-year market leader in satellite data analytics for the agriculture sector.

“We are very excited to kick off this program. We have begun ordering hardware and we are on track to getting our constellation operational by 2023,” said Osborne. “The deployment of the EarthDaily satellites will fulfill a growing demand for high quality, rapidly-processed, and spectrally-rich satellite imagery. Data from the new constellation can be available to customers within hours of acquisition to provide near real time information.”

In addition to the timeline, EarthDaily Analytics has announced the formation of our Foundational Partnership Program (FPP), a pre-launch opportunity for customers to become early-adopter strategic partners in the EarthDaily Satellite Constellation program.

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