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E-Space Joins the Paris Peace Forum’s Net Zero Space Initiative to Reduce Debris in Orbit

By SpaceRef Editor
March 17, 2022
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E-Space today announced it is joining the Paris Peace Forum’s “Net Zero Space” initiative to minimize and actively reduce orbital debris to ensure sustainable access to space.

The Net Zero Space initiative calls for “a global commitment to achieving sustainable use of outer space for the benefit of all humankind by 2030.” The initiative’s goal is to fuel urgent action to rapidly contain and reduce the ongoing pollution of Earth’s orbital environment by avoiding the further generation of hazardous space debris and remediating existing debris. E-Space joins a global coalition of satellite operators, launch providers, space agencies and academia, including CNES and The International Association for the Advancement of Space Safety (IAASS).

“Satellites designed with sustainability at the forefront are not just possible but essential to clear away space trash, keep space open for future generations of innovators and enable space-based applications to improve life on Earth,” said Greg Wyler, founder and chairman of E-Space. “Together with the members of the Net Zero Space Initiative, we have a golden opportunity to accelerate the progress of the space economy while preventing catastrophic  side effects that threaten to cripple our industry.”

All members of the initiative commit to taking tangible actions to contribute to the “Net Zero Space” goal. In line with the initiative’s recommendations, E-Space’s satellite system was designed with sustainability at the heart of its architecture. The communications satellites have small cross-sections to make them far less vulnerable to collision, preventing space debris generation. Eventually, the satellites will actively capture and deorbit small space debris.

“Unless we make major strides to put sustainability at the heart of all space activities, we face a credible threat of a Kessler event where collisions of objects in space cascade and make space virtually unusable for all,” said Jerome Barbier, Head of Outer Space, Digital and Economic Issues at Paris Peace Forum. “The Forum is uniting key players around the Globe and beyond the industry to reduce space debris, representing an essential step forward to protect Earth’s orbital environment and enable mankind to keep benefiting from outer space on the longer term.” 

The Net Zero Space initiative is one of the major initiatives of the Paris Peace Forum, an open platform to address global problems and promote collective action. The Forum hosts an annual event in November to convene government and private sector leaders from across the world.

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