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Discovery Channel Special: Are We Alone?

By SpaceRef Editor
July 15, 2009
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Almost forty years after man first walked on the moon, ARE WE ALONE?, premiering Thursday, July 16th at 9:00 PM (ET/PT), takes a fresh look at one of science’s greatest mysteries. Are there life forms existing beyond Earth? Could the bizarre, hellish worlds of our solar system harbor or evolve alien biology? And does Earth itself provide a road map to answers for these age old questions.

ARE WE ALONE? ventures to Earth’s strangest, most extreme regions to uncover clues to the universe’s evolution. From Death Valley, California, to the glaciers of Chile; from the harsh desert climates of Africa to the lush seascapes of the Caribbean, the world’s top astrobiologists and astrophysicists examine the geological record and the biological influence of life forms that created and continue to sustain life on Earth. Could this answer the profound question of whether life is possible in our own universe or beyond?

“Humans have long pondered the question of whether alien life is possible. As we mark the historic 40th anniversary of Apollo 11, ARE WE ALONE? looks at the next leap forward in our understanding of the universe and all its mysteries and possibilities,” said John Ford, president and general manager of Discovery Channel.

The following week, to mark the official anniversary of Apollo 11, Discovery Channel will proudly air WHEN WE LEFT EARTH: LANDING THE EAGLE 40TH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL on Monday July 20 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT). Featuring newly re-mastered film and first-person accounts from Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, WHEN WE LEFT EARTH vividly tells the story of one of our greatest adventures and scientific and engineering achievements as recounted by the astronauts and engineers who were active and there on and leading up to July 20th, 1969, when Apollo 11 achieved the impossible — landing men on the moon and returning them safely to Earth.

ARE WE ALONE? is narrated by Gentry Lee, Chief Engineer for the Solar System Exploration Directorate at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, who recently managed the tremendously successful NASA rover missions to Mars, which recently uncovered astonishing evidence of the existence of water, the key to life in the universe. Lee was also involved in the Viking and Galileo space missions. He also notably collaborated with Carl Sagan on the Emmy(R) and Peabody(R) award-winning series, “Cosmos,” and co-authored popular science fiction works with the esteemed, late Arthur C. Clarke.

ARE WE ALONE? examines the vast scientific knowledge of the environmental conditions of several planets in our solar system gathered by numerous NASA space missions to find a surprisingly high number of planets where alien life might already exist or be possible, including Mars and several moons of Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter.

Geologically and biologically, Earth serves as a virtual science lab, providing many intriguing parallels to the development of life forms elsewhere, while answering many complex questions about how life adapts to and evolves in extremely harsh environments. The challenging conditions for the existence of life on our planet allows experts to posit theories of how alien life could exist or develop on other planets.
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