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Director General of Nigeria’s National Space Research and Development Agency to Address the Space Generation Congress

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July 13, 2011
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NASRDA’s Director General, Dr. S.O. Mohammed will deliver a speech to the university students and young professionals in the space sector present at the Space Generation Congress (SGC) 2011. Dr. Mohammed will address the issue of space development in Africa and the role of the next generation of space sector leaders.

This year’s SGC, the only global conference dedicated to the next generation of space leaders, is a particularly special one as it is both the tenth anniversary of SGC as well as the first Congress in Africa. “Hosting Dr. Mohammed at this year’s Space Generation Congress is very exciting as we’ll have the opportunity to understand the direction and strategy of Nigeria’s participation in space directly from its senior executive. With this year’s congress in Cape Town, we are thrilled to provide the opportunity for students and young professionals from across Africa to meet their region’s space leaders in person.”

Dr. Mohammed will join SGC’s list of confirmed Featured Speakers which includes Charles Bolden (NASA Administrator), Berndt Feuerbacher (International Astronautical Federation President), Sandile Malinga (CEO of the South African National Space Agency), and Dumitru Prunariu (Chairman of UN COPUOS and Romanian astronaut).

Dr. Mohammed’s speech will follow the final presentations of the Congress project teams, in which delegates will have been discussing during the prior two days today’s key space topics:

1. Industry – The Political and Technological Challenges of Space Debris and Its Mitigation
2. Agency – Radio Frequency Spectra and Satellites: The Technological, Logistical and Political Implications of Regulation
3. Society – Integrating Space Technology into Society: Overcoming Societal, Political, Economic, and Logistical Roadblocks
4. Exploration – Robotic Exploration in Today’s Evolving Global Space Sector
5. Outreach – Space for Developing Regions: The African Case Study

Each of these five major topics covered this year will also be addressed by an SGC’s Session Spotlight Speaker. Confirmed Spotlight Speakers include Bill Gerstenmaier (NASA Associate Administrator for Space Operations) and Ray Williamson (Executive Director of the Secure World Foundation), among others.

Conclusions and recommendations from the working sessions will be compiled into presentations as well as a report, which will be shared throughout the following year at the United Nations, at global conferences, and with SGAC’s partners and supporters. Students and young professionals, who wish to participate in SGC 2011 and be part of the space generation by making their voice heard, can register until July 15, 2011. SGAC also offers several funding opportunities for travel and accommodation. All details about registration, funding, the programme of the Congress can be found at:

For more information and updates, please visit The Space Generation Congress 2011 website, follow us on Twitter @SGAC or #SGC2011 or connect via The Space Generation Advisory Council Official Facebook Page (

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