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Direct Broadcast Reception simplified by Pinkmatter Solutions

By SpaceRef Editor
August 10, 2021
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Pinkmatter Solutions is simplifying Direct Broadcast reception of multiple missions at a single location. The FarEarth Direct Broadcast software can be integrated with most antennas and demodulators. The software assists with compliance by creating automatic reports. The moving window sets the system apart as it displays the imagery in near-real time.

The turn-key solution introduces the capability to deconflict overlapping missions automatically or manually, taking into consideration the priority of the user. The intuitive graphic user interface allows operators to view acquisition schedules, preview future passes, and review recorded passes along with the telemetry performance. The system can automatically generate all the standard products, including atmospheric, surface reflectance, vegetation analyses and land and sea surface temperatures. The generated products from major missions can be viewed in the archive system, allowing quick search, and viewing of imagery. These images can be complemented with SmallSat imagery to provide enhanced data.

Pinkmatter Solutions creates intelligent software which makes an impact and connects people to advanced Earth Observation science and technology. For new satellites, Pinkmatter Solutions develops custom sensor models, performs full calibration and validation of imagery data, and provides information extraction applications.

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