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DHV adds PocketQube Solar Panels to Satellite Shop

By SpaceRef Editor
October 12, 2014
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DHV adds PocketQube Solar Panels to Satellite Shop

Glasgow, Scotland – Alba Orbital Ltd (PocketQube Shop) announced today the addition of the DHV Technology PocketQube Solar Panel product to its online satellite shop. The Solar Panels are the first off the shelf power subsystem to be developed for the new PocketQube Standard.

The PocketQube Solar panels are available in a number of configuration including 1p, 2p and 3p. They leverage flight heritage gained from the Unisat-6 Microsatellite which launched earlier this year using DHV Solar panels. Panels can be tailored to different structures on request.

PocketQubes were first proposed by Prof Twiggs (cubesat co-inventor) in order to tackle the escalating cost of launch for University groups on tight budget. The standardized 5cm cube can be stacked to create larger spacecraft. There are currently 4 PocketQubes in orbit after a successful launch on a Russian Dnepr-1 rocket late last year, with the next launch expected to be mid 2015 on Unisat-7.

PocketQube Shop is the largest vendor of PocketQube hardware and currently sells structures, transceivers and mechanical/electrical ground support equipment. Their Founder/CEO Tom Walkinshaw said:

‘We are really excited to be working with DHV on such an exciting and innovative product for the PocketQube marketplace. PocketQubes can cost a fraction of the build and launch price of a Cubesat and therefore COTS hardware make the barriers a lower for first time satellite builders’

About Alba Orbital Ltd (PocketQube Shop)

Alba Orbital Ltd (PocketQube Shop) based in Glasgow, Scotland, wants to get more people building and launching their own satellites. They provide a hub for the growing class of PocketQube satellites by offering a one stop shop with the largest selection of parts available anywhere. Having successfully closed a Kickstarter campaign they are now growing their product range for pocketQube customers.


About DHV Technology

Based in Málaga, Spain, DHV Technology manufactures solar panels for space, aeronautical, nautical and automotive applications. DHV Technology is committed with cubesat and small satellite approach to reduce the cost of space applications and to open the space to the research community and commercial initiatives.

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