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David Pensak Kicks Off the Conrad Foundation’s Science of Innovation Webinar Series

By SpaceRef Editor
September 1, 2009
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This Fall, the Conrad Foundation is hosting a series of educational online webinars to connect students with professional scientists and entrepreneurs. To kick off this series, the Conrad Foundation cordially invites you to join us this Wednesday, September 2, 2009 at 3:00pm PDT. The webinar will be broadcast through The Exchange, the Conrad Foundation’s live webinar channel, located here.

Dr. David Pensak is one of the country’s most prolific and successful innovators. Author of Innovation for the Underdog, Dr. Pensak explains how innovation is a practical process, rather than a sudden, miraculous insight. He has taught at some of the most prestigious universities where his belief is, “Anyone can inovate.” His area of expertise includes Computer Science, Organic Chemistry, Venture Capital and Advanced Materials. A critical force in research at the DuPont Institute for 30 years, Dr. Pensak also founded Raptor Systems (now part of Symantec), the computer security company that developed and brought to market the first commercially successful Internet firewall and Authentica (now par to EMC). He has 38 patents and applications being prepared in fields ranging from agricultural chemistry to solid state physics and business-process modeling.

The Science of Innovation Webinar Series is a live, interactive set of online presentations complimenting the Spirit of Innovation Awards program. Top experts will discuss challenges in Education, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Aerospace, Renewable Energy, Space Nutrition and Green Schools. The webinars in each category begin with broad, overview topics and progress to more granular discussions as we move through the months. Everyone is invited to participate in the live broadcasts and interact with fellow participants and the speakers.

For more information, or to see the rest of the Fall webinar schedule, visit:

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