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CSCA Announces Mission Control Space Services To Sponsor The Canadian Space Policy Symposium 2017

By SpaceRef Editor
October 30, 2017
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The Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA), Canada’s national space industry association, announced today that CSCA member Mission Control Space Services, a respected Canadian space services firm, will sponsor the CSCA Canadian Space Policy Symposium 2017, to take place on November 9, 2017, at the University of Ottawa. The CSCA also recently announced the preliminary program for this important event. 

“We are excited and grateful to welcome CSCA member Mission Control Space Services as a sponsor to CSCA Canadian Space Policy Symposium” said CSCA Michelle Mendes, Executive Director and President. “Based on their deep international new space expertise and experience, Mission Control is sure to make a valuable and insightful contribution to the symposium.” 

“Mission Control is pleased to be supporting the Canadian Space Policy Symposium,” said Ewan Reid, President and CEO of Mission Control Space Services. “The symposium should provide a platform for a broad range of space policy related discussions as Canada’s space economy sits at a crossroads. One thing is certain, there are huge opportunities coming in space and we look forward to discussing them with the community during this event.”

Mission Control was established to deliver low-cost, innovative solutions to problems in space and on earth. Through technology development and industry consulting, Mission Control aims to extend access to space for all, and facilitate Canadian contributions to the emerging space economy. With a focus on innovation and commercialization, Mission Control can help to generate opportunities in both the space and terrestrial arenas. The Mission Control leadership team is comprised of experts with experience in the domains of spaceflight operations, advanced sensor systems and robotics, satellite applications, component design, planetary mobility, planetary science, astrobiology, and operations or management consulting. 

The CSCA Canadian Space Policy Symposium 2017 program will involve and engage representatives from industry, academia, government and many others with a vested stake in the success of the Canadian space. This year’s CSCA Canadian Space Policy Symposium 2017 will prove an important forum for key space domain leaders to engage federal regulators and agencies about developments to date concerning  Canada’s future in space and what more can be done, in practical terms, to grow the Canadian space program on a global scale. 

About the Canadian Space Commerce Association

The Canadian Space Commerce Association (CSCA) is the national association representing the space industry in Canada. The Association represents industry, academia, government, professionals, young entrepreneurs and all stakeholders in the Canadian space sector. The purpose of the CSCA is to support economic, legal, policy and educational interests that advance the Canadian Space and Defence sector. The CSCA has been a registered not-for-profit industry organization since 2007.

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