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Companies’ joint competencies enable electro-optical infrared sensor modeling

By SpaceRef Editor
March 30, 2009
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Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI), the producer of commercial off-the-shelf software for analysis of space, defense and intelligence assets, and Space Dynamics Laboratory (SDL), a nonprofit research corporation focused on defense and science objectives, announced their new business partnership today.

SDL will bring its expertise in electro-optical sensor modeling, based on decades of experience developing and deploying sensors, to AGI’s Satellite Tool Kit (STK) software suite. The new sensor modeling capability will enable STK users to model ultraviolet, visible and infrared sensors for observing space objects from ground, air and space platforms. The capability will be available as an analysis module for STK, and is scheduled for release in late 2009.

“We are excited to offer SDL’s expertise in electro-optical sensor modeling to our user community who needs these capabilities for missile defense and space situational awareness applications,” says Dr. Peter Aves, AGI director of Partners & Alliances.

“This partnership demonstrates another milestone in our 50-year history as we focus on the future to provide relevant, high-quality sensor and calibration solutions,” says Dr. Doug Lemon, director of Space Dynamics Laboratory. “SDL’s new STK module adds system-level sensor modeling and scene generation to AGI’s current capabilities for more complete systems analysis and performance evaluation. This partnership offers customers a solution that will enable them to lower costs, reduce risks and deliver systems on schedule.”

About Space Dynamics Laboratory

Celebrating 50 years, Space Dynamics Laboratory advances scientific and defense goals for commercial, civil and government customers. As a leading university-affiliated applied research and engineering laboratory for aerospace, climate and defense applications, Space Dynamics Laboratory employs more than 400 dedicated scientists and engineers who provide sensor, electronic and software systems; calibration; and program lifecycle support. For more information, visit

About AGI

Analytical Graphics, Inc. (AGI) develops physics-based software that computes and depicts the relationships among moving objects over time. Space, defense and intelligence community professionals use it to model, simulate and operate Earth- and space-based systems. The software can be purchased as ready-to-use applications or development tools with flexible pricing and licensing options. For more information, visit

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