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Communicating to the Public: A Conference for Astronomy Outreach Professionals

By SpaceRef Editor
June 13, 2003
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Astronomy public information and outreach professionals are encouraged
to attend the conference “Communicating Astronomy to the Public,” which
will be held October 1-3, 2003, in Washington, D.C.

This conference, organized by the National Radio Astronomy Observatory
in cooperation with the National Research Council, will take place at
the Keck Center of the National Academies (500 5th St. NW, Washington,
DC), and is intended for those who communicate the results of
astronomical research to the public. Representatives from
observatories, universities, science and education centers,
associations, and the media will find this conference of value.

The primary goals are:

  • to develop a program to share outreach and education resources among the astronomical community;
  • to find ways of communicating with underdeveloped constituencies;
  • to develop recommendations to establish Education and Public Outreach as a necessary and vital aspect of research astronomy;
  • to exchange information on best practices and successful outreach programs among stakeholders in the astronomical community; and,
  • to develop a reference document from the meeting.

Posters submission describing individual efforts and programs in
astronomy outreach are invited.

The number of participants will be limited to approximately 110 people.
Additionally, a post-meeting trip (fee extra) to the NRAO facility in
Green Bank, West Virginia, will be held on Oct. 4.

Details of the conference, including a complete program and registration
information, are on:

http: //

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