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Coalition for Space Exploration Launches Space Advocacy Web Site

By SpaceRef Editor
December 6, 2006
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The Coalition for Space Exploration today launched a new space advocacy Web site, which can be found online at This innovative site empowers space exploration supporters to connect with others across the United States to advocate for America’s Vision for Space Exploration with our nation’s leaders. It features detailed information about crucial actions related to the space program, numerous resources and unique communications tools.

Users can easily find legislators’ biographical information, voting history and contact information. The site also provides a mechanism for visitors to send messages directly to legislators, members of Congress and other elected officials by email, letter, fax, telephone or even via hand- delivery. With features like these and access to numerous other space advocacy organizations, the site will streamline the process for users to voice their opinions on certain issues with their legislators and provide them with the tools to do so.

“Most people don’t realize how we all benefit from space, but we are completely surrounded by the technological advances of the last 45 years of space exploration in our homes, automobiles, schools, throughout our communities in businesses and hospitals,” said Dr. Bernard Harris, former shuttle astronaut and advisory board member of the Coalition. “Because every American benefits, their voices are critical to the future of our nation’s space exploration program. That’s why this Web site is so important – it’s a phenomenal tool for individuals to be heard and have a significant impact … from their hometown all the way to Capitol Hill.”

Jeff Carr, chairman of the Coalition, noted the site also will be a vital tool in supporting the Coalition’s efforts to educate the public about the nation’s Vision and its ongoing achievements. “Grassroots advocacy is critical to the future of space exploration, and will provide the outlet for the Coalition to alert the public regarding space-related issues and give them a forum to address their support,” he said.

The Coalition for Space Exploration is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing public understanding and support of the nation’s Vision for Space Exploration — a focused plan for the United States’ continued exploration of space. Specifically, the plan encompasses returning the space shuttle to flight, which has been successfully accomplished; completing the International Space Station — an ongoing effort; building the next generation of space vehicles, for which NASA awarded the contract in August; and upcoming missions to the moon, and going on to mars and beyond.

The Vision helps to ensure that the United States remains a leader in space, science and technology — key factors that impact the nation’s economy and help to maintain homeland security.

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