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CNES signs 2002-2005 agreement with French government

By SpaceRef Editor
April 10, 2002
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Space technology serving society


Today saw the signing of the 2002-2005 agreement between the French government and the Centre National dÕEtudes Spatiales (CNES), represented by research minister Roger-GŽrard Schwartzenberg, defence minister Alain Richard, CNES President Alain Bensoussan and CNES Director General GŽrard Brachet.

Today, CNES is working as hard as ever to ensure that its actions and initiatives are geared towards international, industrial, economic, social and strategic needs. To this end, CNES has set out the terms of a multiyear blueprint agreement with its two overseeing government ministries. This agreement will serve as the agencyÕs “roadmap” for the 2002-2005 period, in line with the course charted in its 2001-2005 strategic plan.

After the pioneering phase, when space technology inevitably outstripped the needs of space users, the challenge facing CNES today is to transform its value proposition and focus its energies on space technology serving society. To do this, it must develop truly competitive space solutions working in close collaboration with industry partners.

The strategic importance of space and CNESÕs core mission are crystallized in the 2002-2005 blueprint agreement, which sets out four main objectives:

* to focus actions on the needs of society, particularly those relating to the environment, science and the information society;

* to build the foundations for success by ensuring competitive access to space and supporting upstream research and technological innovation;

* to strengthen synergies between national and European institutions and between the civil and military sectors in upstream research, space programmes and satellite use;

* to become an effective business partner by developing its service culture and focusing on its core competencies.

At the same time, CNES will work to ensure that Europe continues to benefit from FranceÕs world-class scientific and industrial expertise. Given the current level of competition between the worldÕs major industrialized nations, the scientific and technological value of CNESÕs space programmes is crucial to success. The high level of technical know-how that CNES sustains through ambitious new projects is a valuable source of expertise for space users and a key asset for France and Europe.

It is with these objectives in its sights that CNES is helping to shape FranceÕs space strategy and serving Europe, the worldÕs second most important space power. To this end, it will implement the agreement signed with the government, work to meet its targets and report progress to its overseeing ministries through key indicators.


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