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Civil Aviation Authority becomes UK space regulator

By SpaceRef Editor
July 29, 2021
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As of today, the UK Civil Aviation Authority has taken up its role as the UK’s space regulator, alongside our ongoing regulation of civil aviation.

We wanted to send a quick email to introduce ourselves and the media team here at the Civil Aviation Authority and explain how we can help with any future enquiries you may have about the UK’s space industry. Please do not hesitate to contact Andrew and the media team via Our press office direct number is 0333 103 6000. If your enquiry is outside of normal office hours, we have an emergency out of hours number on 07789 745 636.

To help you, we also wanted to provide a bit of detail on how our role will interact with the UK Government. As with our existing priorities, we are an independent regulator.

Government responsibilities (DfT / BEIS):

The UK Government, through BEIS and the UK Space Agency, will continue in its role as the sponsor for the UK space sector. The Department for Transport and BEIS will own the legislative and regulatory framework under the Space Industry Act 2018 and Outer Space Act 1986. UK Civil Aviation Authority responsibilities:

To be a proportionate and effective safety regulator, licensing spaceflight activities including orbital rocket launch and satellite operations. Engaging openly with the sector and clearly explaining our expectations of those seeking a licence to operate from the UK.

UK Space Agency responsibilities:

Promoting the UK space sector’s interests and achievements

Guiding the UK space sector to deliver government’s vision

Therefore, any questions about the legislative setup of the industry should be aimed to the Department for Transport. Questions about safety, licensing and more general comments can be addressed to our team here at the Civil Aviation Authority.

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