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CDI To Provide Systems to ULA for Space Vehicle Testing

By SpaceRef Editor
January 29, 2013
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United Launch Alliance Will Use CDI’s DSPCon Test and Measurement Solutions for Mission-Critical Tests on Orion’s Launch Systems

CDI Corp. (NYSE: CDI) announced today that its DSPCon subsidiary has been awarded a contract to deliver data acquisition solutions to the United Launch Alliance (ULA). DSPCon systems will be used for wind-tunnel tests of ULA’s Delta IV Heavy launch vehicle to support NASA’s Exploration Flight Test-1 (EFT-1), the first planned un-crewed test flight of the Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle. The EFT-1 mission will be a multi-hour, two-orbit test of the Orion Crew Module featuring a high apogee on the second orbit and a high-energy re-entry at around 20,000 mph.

With a reputation for delivering systems that allow aerospace engineers to isolate and remedy potential performance issues, DSPCon will supply data acquisition and analysis tools to ULA for tests conducted in the 16T wind tunnel, located at the Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Using the tunnel’s wind speeds of up to MACH 1.6, DSPCon’s PodLink modules will measure the effects of transonic conditions to simulate travel through the earth’s atmosphere. The 512-channel DSPCon system features the ruggedized PodLink Platform that forms the acquisition portion of the system. Supporting both dynamic and steady-state sensors and featuring built-in signal conditioning, the PodLink modules are small but resilient, and built to withstand harsh test environments.

“This award represents an important step in CDI’s overall strategy to provide engineering solutions to leading companies in the aerospace industry,” said Robert Giorgio, President of CDI’s Global Engineering and Technology Solutions business. “DSPCon solutions capture and analyze important data about how large, mission-critical vehicles perform under stress. Our clients use this data to gain insight, reduce risks and identify areas for future innovation.”

“With the new technologies offered by DSPCon, ULA can acquire a greater understanding of how our launch vehicles perform in extreme conditions,” added Kris Walsh, ULA Program Manager of EFT-1. “Acquiring this new level of understanding is key to this unique configuration and our ‘Perfect Product Delivery’ commitment, and helps ULA to create defect-free mission-critical launch vehicles.” This is the second time DSPCon systems will be used at AEDC. DSPCon was the vendor of choice for in-flight testing applications and considers this new application as a vote of confidence in DSPCon systems. DSPCon expects to deliver the data acquisition solution and support services to ULA in Q1 2013.

About CDI and DSPCon

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