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CCSDS Welcomes China National Space Administration as Newest Member Agency

By SpaceRef Editor
June 24, 2008
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CCSDS Welcomes China National Space Administration as Newest Member Agency

Reston, Va. – The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) today announced that the China National Space Administration (CNSA) has been accepted as the eleventh full member agency of the organization. China’s admission to the organization marks the first addition to the membership since 1997. As the leading international organization for space communication standardization, CCSDS relies on its agency members to provide technical engineering support to its working groups. The addition of CNSA to the membership of CCSDS indicates the continued, broad international support for space communication standardization necessary to promote greater cooperation and interoperability among the space and ground assets of the major space exploration agencies around the world.

In remarks following the CCSDS Management Council’s (CMC) approval of CNSA as the newest CCSDS Member Agency, Mike Kearney, CMC Chair, stated “Adding China’s expertise to the technical knowledge base of the CCSDS working groups will further enable the CCSDS mission of enhancing worldwide governmental and commercial interoperability and cross-support, while reducing operational risk, development time, and project costs.”

Cheng Wang, CNSA’s primary representative to CCSDS, added “The China National Space Administration expresses its willingness to participate in and contribute to CCSDS. We look forward to supporting the work of CCSDS and contributing to the interoperability of international space missions.”

CNSA was created in 1993 to define China’s national space policies and priorities. It has quickly become an important player in the international space arena, with cooperative agreements between more than ten international space agencies. CNSA’s membership in CCSDS continues this trend of increased exposure and cooperation with the broader space community.

CNSA’s has already begun implementation of CCSDS standards on some of its spacecraft. CCSDS protocols were successfully used to enable interoperability between CNSA and ESA in 2007. In November of that year the CNSA Chang’e 1 lunar-orbiting spacecraft transmitted telemetry signals to ESA tracking stations which then relayed telecommands back to the satellite. This successful cross-support exercise was enabled by the CCSDS developed Advanced Orbiting Systems protocols.


Since its founding in 1982, CCSDS has provided a forum for discussion of common problems in the development and operation of space data systems. Through the cooperation of its 10 international space agency members, more than 90 international space data standards have been developed. These standards have been implemented on more than 300 missions to date. For more information, visit

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