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Canvas GFX Partners with Voyager Space Services to Make Canvas Envision Available to Broad Network of Space-Focused Start-ups

By SpaceRef Editor
March 24, 2022
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Canvas GFX, Inc, the leading provider of visual communication solutions to the manufacturing and technical industries, today announced that it has partnered with Voyager Space Services, a Voyager Space Company, to make Canvas Envision available through the Voyager Space Services MarketSpace platform.

Voyager Space Services provides a curated portfolio of business and technical solutions to entrepreneurs and early-stage NewSpace companies that supports and accelerates their development. VoyagerSpace Services’ easy-access solutions enable company founders and executives to focus on innovation and product development, rather than time-consuming business operations tasks.

Envision is the exclusive visual communication solution offered on the MarketSpace platform. It joins a select number of solutions offered by Voyager Space Services to its customer base alongside a suite of more than 30 offerings.

Canvas Envision bridges the divide between technical and creative visual communication solutions. It makes sophisticated 3D model visualizations available to anyone involved in creating product documentation, without the need for extensive training, and allows for interactive collaboration and content viewing through any browser. Content created in Envision can also be embedded into other websites or platforms.

“Space exploration is one of the most exciting sectors imaginable,” said Pat Hume,CEO, Canvas GFX. “By empowering the space start-up community to innovate freely, the Voyager Space Services team is laying the groundwork for huge achievements. We are delighted that Canvas Envision has been selected to be part of the prestigious MarketSpace platform. I can’t wait to see how this new audience will put Envision to use.”

Dan Geraci, President of Voyager Space Services added: “At Voyager we are focused on helping entrepreneurs turn great ideas into even greater successes that will power humanity’s exploits in space. The ability of these companies to effectively communicate what their product can contribute, and how it works, is paramount to their success. Canvas Envision gives space companies that ability and we are very pleased to offer their solution to our network.”

AboutCanvas GFX

Canvas GFX develops visualcommunication and collaboration solutions trusted by leading brands fromverticals including aerospace and defense, automotive, commercial, and domesticappliance, energy, and education. Canvas solutions bridge the divide betweentechnical and creative graphics applications, empowering everyone tocommunicate and understand complex information with absolute clarity.

About Voyager Space Services

Voyager Space Services, a Voyager Space Company, provides operating, technical, business development, and Founder solutions to NewSpace start-ups & grown-ups to allow entrepreneurs to focus on innovation and product development, rather than time-consuming operational tasks. Voyager Space Services’ online portal, MarketSpace, provides a user-friendly interface for clients to shop for services and quickly get connected with the space industry’s best providers. To learn more about available solutions or to become a provider, visit

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