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Canadian Students Attend Aerospace Medicine Training at NASA

By SpaceRef Editor
November 4, 2004
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Longueuil, Quebec, November 4, 2004 – Ms. Alison Organek, a medical student
from the University of Toronto and Dr. Michael Payne, a medical resident at
the University of Ottawa, have just completed a four-week aerospace medicine
training session at NASA. The two Canadian medical students each received a
$6,000 grant from the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to cover their travel and
living expenses.

Ms. Organek took part in the Aerospace Medicine Clerkship Program, at the
Johnson Space Center, in Houston, Texas. This program focuses on the
clinical, operational and research aspects of space medicine. Her four-week
elective involved lectures, exposure to manned testing operations, and
familiarization with the medical aspects of space shuttle operations and
space station design and function. She was also involved in a research
project on current issues in space medicine. Alison Organek is currently
completing the last year of a medical degree at the University of Toronto.
Ms. Organek received her Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics,
chemistry and physics from McGill University.

Dr. Michael Payne was invited to take part in the Medical Education Program
at the Kennedy Space Center near Orlando, Florida. This program emphasizes
Aerospace and Occupational Medicine. He attended lectures in various
aerospace medicine topics, from the hazards of ground operations to the
physiological changes that take place during space flight. He got a rare
first-hand look at the application of many aerospace principles. The
rotation also involves a research project in a focus area of space medicine.
Dr. Payne is currently completing a residency in physical medicine and
rehabilitation at the University of Ottawa. He received his medical and a
master’s degrees in Kinesiology from the University of Western Ontario and
his bachelor’s in mechanical engineering with first-class honours from
Queen’s University.

Two other Canadian medical residents have been selected to participate in
similar training sessions at NASA in April 2005. CSA will issue more
information on these candidates in May 2005.

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