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Canadian Space Exploration and Development Institute Launches Premier Issue of the Canadian Journal of Space Exploration

By SpaceRef Editor
October 25, 2001
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Canadian Space Exploration and Development Institute – Institut canadien pour l’exploration et le développement de l’espace


TORONTO – The Canadian Space Exploration and Development Institute (CSEDI) is proud to announce the launch of the premier issue of its flagship publication, The Canadian Journal of Space Exploration. The Journal is an interdisciplinary publication whose objectives are to provide a forum for Canadian academic endeavours in space exploration and development, encourage interdisciplinary research and collaboration, foster discussion and analysis related to the exploration and development of space, and establish a forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions so that authors can inform policy makers in Canada and abroad of their views. As such, the Journal draws on a wide range of fields, including astrobiology, human factors, atmospheric research, space robotics, analog studies, planetary geology, astronomy and astrophysics, space law and policy, public outreach and education, and Canadian space history.

The premier issue of the Journal features summaries from the breakout sessions of the Canadian Space Agency’s Third Canadian Space Exploration Workshop, which was held in Montreal, Quebec on May 25-26, 2001. This inaugural issue may be downloaded free of charge from the CSEDI website at:

Subsequent issues will be published in the traditional paper format, and will be available by subscription only. In addition to refereed papers, future issues will also include reports, opinion pieces, letters, and book reviews.

The Editorial Board of the Journal is made up of an esteemed panel of Canadian space experts, consisting of Irene Antonenko of the Planetary Institute of Toronto, Steven Braham of Simon Fraser University, Chandra Clarke of the University of North Dakota, Richard Henrickson of Queen’s University, Judith Lapierre of l’Université du Québec, Ram Jakhu of McGill University, Christian Sallaberger of MD Robotics, Jean-Louis Trudel of l’Université du Québec à Montréal, and Hojatollah Vali of McGill University. Chandra Clarke is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.

The Canadian Space Exploration and Development Institute (CSEDI) is a new organization committed to providing a forum, independent of government, industry, and academia but involving all of those constituencies, in order to create a mandate for a Canadian space programme that reaches beyond low-Earth orbit. CSEDI originated during discussions at the Space Summit 2000 workshop, which was held in Toronto on November 18th of last year. The Space Summit was an initiative by several space advocacy groups to find common cause, with one of those being a desire to see Canada’s long-term role in space evolve into more ambitious and visionary exploration activities beyond Earth orbit. The CSEDI Board of Directors consists of Eric Choi of MD Robotics, Chandra Clarke of the University of North Dakota, Jessy Cowan of Queen’s University, Gary McQueen of the Canadian Space Society, Rocky Persaud of the University of Toronto, Nishi Rawat of Queen’s University, Simon Rowland of the Artemis Society, and Henry Spencer of SP Systems. For more information, please visit the CSEDI website at:

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