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Canadian Space Commerce Association Applauds Guy Laliberté and his Dream

By SpaceRef Editor
June 5, 2009
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Yesterday Space Adventures, Ltd. announced at a press conference in Moscow that Guy Laliberté, founder of the Cirque du Soleil and the ONE DROP Foundation, would become the 7th space tourist to visit the International Space Station this September, and be the first Canadian to do so.

Mr. Laliberté will embark on what he calls a “Poetic Social Mission in Space” and characterizes himself as a “humanitarian space explorer”. In going to the International Space Station he will fulfill a dream he had as a child, to visit space. However, more importantly he will use his time in space to raise awareness of water issues here on Earth, and in particular to fight poverty around the world by providing sustainable access to safe water.

The Canadian Space Commerce Association applauds Mr. Laliberté’s efforts to raise awareness of water issues and for helping to continue building the nascent space tourist industry for which the association is a strong supporter.

“This is a significant private spaceflight to be shared by all Canadians. Canada has a burgeoning private commercial space industry ranging from robotics through to micro-satellites, suborbital space tourism and several other NewSpace initiatives,” said Arny Sokoloff, President of the Canadian Space Commerce Association.

“Water issues are important to Canada as well and through technologies like the Radarsat satellites, Canada provides critical information that helps farmers, remote communities and scientists address some of these issues.”

“Mr. Laliberté is not the only Canadian who has a dream to fly into space. We hope that the awareness his flight garners might inspire more Canadians to fulfill their dreams and visit space and in so doing help build this young vibrant industry in Canada.”

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