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Canadian Entrepreneurs Launch National Space Chamber of Commerce

By SpaceRef Editor
November 23, 2006
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Canadian Entrepreneurs Launch National Space Chamber of Commerce

Canadians working in the space sector have formally launched a new National organization, the Canadian Space Chamber of Commerce (CSCC), a non-profit industry association of entrepreneurs exploring commercial opportunities available in the development and opening of the space frontier. As the world’s first chamber of commerce focused on entrepreneurialism for the space sector, the CSCC exists to advance a favorable economic, legal and political environment for Canadian entrepreneurs in this field, and to promote positive public recognition of the socioeconomic benefits to all Canadians from investing in this development.

“Canada’s leading space entrepreneurs have banded together to ensure Canada’s continued leadership role in the space industry”, said Brian Feeney President of DreamSpace and The da Vinci Project, a leading pioneer in commercial space tourism. “As one of the founders of the CSCC, I believe it is essential for Canadian Industry and both Provincial and National Governments to be aware of and get behind this emerging mega industry.”

In the past two years international private sector and government investments have exceeded US $2 billion. This new sector has reached a critical mass of business. The CSCC was formed to actively work to bring about a Canadian vision of the future in space. Canadian industry can make advances in the new space frontier by establishing market leading services and products for the public and private use of space.

As humanity expands into this area, public agencies will lead the way with science-driven human exploration of the Moon, Mars and beyond. Private industry will establish space tourism and the commercial use of low-earth-orbit and cis-Lunar space as drivers for the world?s economic expansion outside of our Earth?s atmosphere.

Canadian companies are building a new space economy that will give Canadian people opportunities only scarcely imagined a few years ago. ?Canadians are rising to the challenge?, said Rocky Persaud, president of Interplanetary Expeditions Inc. and one of the key founders of the CSCC, ?from financiers and entertainment companies to manned and unmanned launch services, robotic satellite servicing and space ports.?

The Business of Space is for everyone. The CSCC is being created to promote economic investment to strengthen and expand the income potential of all Canadian companies operating space businesses. Right now Canadian companies are involved in space tourism and entertainment, advance electronic and software, materials sciences, new forms of energy, and many other exciting fields. The mandate of the CSCC is to be the advocate for these Canadian entrepreneurs.

*About the Canadian Space Chamber of Commerce (CSCC):*

The CSCC was founded in 2006 by Canada?s pioneers in the rapidly expanding business of commercial space enterprise.

The CSCC founding fathers recognize that we are in the ?Space Century? and that mankind is now privately going to space in all forms including space tourism, more unmanned research spacecraft, expanded communications, space telescopes etc. and that we will continue this grand adventure, remembering where we came from but always looking forward.

The space business is core to advancing the intellectual knowledge base of Canada as a nation and our future prosperity. Few times in human history do such paradigms of new business come along and Canada?s space pioneers are on the forefront leading commercial space development.

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