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Calling all coders: your chance to forge software for space

By SpaceRef Editor
September 9, 2016
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Your chance is here to join the ESA Summer of Code in Space, to refine and extend open-source space-related software – and get paid for it.

Since the creation of SOCIS in 2011, dozens of students have already been part of the adventure. If you are interested in joining them, read on.

Each year ESA opens a call to ‘mentoring organisations’ who are developing free, open-source software for use in the space sector. Mentors propose ideas for improving their software or even create completely new software based on existing building blocks.

ESA selects 20 to 25 projects then opens a call to students across ESA Member States. Students with an interest in a particular project send an application to ESA, proposing clear, achievable technical objectives they wish to realise.

ESA selects students together with the mentors and each student is paid to perform the work.

A first stipend of €1000 is provided at the start of the coding period. If the project is successful after three months of work, the students receive an additional €3000 grant. The coding period is usually from June to September.

For more information, including details of this year’s projects and how to apply, go to the SOCIS website:

Apply as quickly as possible if you want to be part of this year’s SOCIS effort; the projects begin in June.

SpaceRef staff editor.