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Calian SED Launches Decimator D4 Spectrum Analyzer Product

By SpaceRef Editor
June 17, 2020
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Calian SED, Calian Group Ltd.’s (TSX.CGY) global supplier of communication systems solutions and products, has launched commercial availability of Decimator D4, the fourth-generation of the spectrum analyzer product line designed to monitor radio frequency (RF) communications and detect signal issues. Decimator D4 is a new hardware platform that includes all of the features of the previous generation, Decimator D3, as well as numerous new capabilities.

The most significant new feature of the Decimator D4 is signal analysis, complementing the spectrum analyzer capabilities. Powered by a new signal processing engine, the D4 demodulates and decodes standard satellite DVB-S/S2/S2X signals. The resulting constellation display and signal characteristics allow a deeper inspection and analysis of the signals than a traditional spectrum display. This new feature is particularly helpful to proactively identify issues in the network before they manifest as a failure.

A new web user interface allows the Decimator D4 to be operated from all web browsers on all devices and platforms. The HTML5 application is compliant with the latest web standards and provides secure user access to the D4. The addition of HTTPS support adds an extra layer of encryption and security between the user and Decimator for security sensitive installations. A secure interface with encryption and authentication is also available through the application programming interface (API) used to integrate the Decimator within a network management system.

The powerful and intuitive browser-based D4 graphical user interface provides the features found in a highend spectrum analyzer plus others that would not be expected at the Decimator’s price point. The user interface includes sophisticated functions, such as built-in carrier monitoring with email alarm alerts and SNMP notifications, as well as a cross-pol isolation testing function ideal for VSAT terminal commissioning. The features are available using any web browser, with no need for additional software to be installed on the user’s computer. Since Decimator D4 is a networked device, the unit can be operated at any network connected location – either locally or remotely around the world.

Other evolutionary features include an increased operating frequency range and higher instantaneous bandwidth. The D4 increased frequency range is from 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz, which more than doubles the frequency range of D3. The upper frequency limit allows D4 to directly monitor C-band transmit and receive signals without the use of frequency converters. The increased operating range is also useful for emerging Q/V-band applications that utilize large amounts of bandwidth and need a wider intermediate frequency operating range that extends past 3 GHz. In addition, the instantaneous bandwidth has been increased to 260 MHz, which is useful for next-generation signals with larger channel bandwidths.

The Decimator D4 is available in three form factors: the multiport chassis, a PCIe card, or a portable unit. The multiport unit is the most popular form factor and comes in a 1U rack-mount chassis with an integrated RF switch – both 8-port and 4-port units are available. Multiple ports allow a single Decimator to monitor several signal feeds from a compact chassis unit installed in a standard equipment rack. The PCIe card can be installed into any half-length, full-height PCIe slot in a computer and can also be integrated into OEM solutions. The portable D4 is a small enclosure for field technicians that require an easily transportable unit that can be used in conjunction with a laptop.

The Decimator is ideally suited for satellite, wired and terrestrial wireless networks. The Decimator is most widely used in satellite operations to monitor uplink and downlink carriers for the L, C, X, Ku, Ka and Q/Vband satellite signals found in broadcast facilities, uplink stations, teleports and TT&C stations. Within these satellite networks, the D4 is ideal for automated and manual carrier monitoring and can be integrated into satcom terminals to provide monitoring for mission-critical deployments. In wired networks, Decimator is used to monitor upstream and downstream carriers within head-ends, hubs and elsewhere in the facilities. For terrestrial wireless networks, D4 can be used to monitor forward and return paths and is ideal for remote RF monitoring at cell towers or DAS installations to prevent costly truck rolls for maintenance.

The previous generations of the Decimator have been extremely popular and have shipped to over 70 countries during the last 15 years. “We are very excited to announce our fourth generation Decimator analyzer, D4, as the newest addition to our product line. The D4 has so many new capabilities like signal analysis, a modern and secure web GUI and an increased frequency range. All these new features are included in the standard product and provide even more value for our customers at the Decimator’s competitive price point. Stay tuned for further announcements of innovative new capabilities harnessing the power of the D4 platform”, said Peter Waskowic, Director, Satcom Products, Calian SED.

“Our Decimator product line has been a mainstay of communications monitoring for over a decade. The Decimator D4 with its new software-defined capabilities provides a whole new set of measurements at the low price point that our customers expect. For customers looking to integrate the Decimator into their equipment and systems, we have custom-designed versions available supporting private labeling, custom waveforms and other frequency bands or form factors,” said Patrick Thera, President, Advanced Technologies. “In the coming months we will announce further innovative capabilities that harness the power of the D4 platform.”

Decimator D4 is commercially available now. Custom designed versions of the Decimator that support private labeling, custom waveforms, and other frequency bands or form factors, are available should customers wish to integrate the Decimator into their equipment and systems.

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