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Buzz Aldrin returns to Lunar Gravity & Weightlessness and ZERO-G Flight

By SpaceRef Editor
September 16, 2004
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Buzz Aldrin returns to Lunar Gravity & Weightlessness and ZERO-G Flight

On the second stop of the Diet Rite
and Zero Gravity Corporation’s (ZERO-G(R)) six-city tour, Apollo 11 Astronaut
Buzz Aldrin returned to Lunar gravity and weightlessness aboard G-Force One.
ZERO-G’s specially modified Boeing 727-200 aircraft is the first and only
company approved by the FAA to conduct Weightless Flight for the general

“It was exhilarating,” said Dr. Aldrin. “It was great to experience both
lunar gravity and weightlessness again. I hope that everyone interested in
adventure tourism and space will participate in this amazing opportunity.”

Dr. Aldrin last experienced lunar gravity when he walked on the moon with
Neil Armstrong on July 20,1969. Aldrin left the surface of the moon the next
day on July 21.

“We are elated and honored to have Dr. Buzz Aldrin participate in the
launch of ZERO-G,” stated Dr. Peter H. Diamandis, founder, chairman, and CEO
of Zero Gravity Corporation. “The ZERO-G Experience(TM) now gives the general
public the opportunity to fly Martian, Lunar and zero-g flights in the same
manner NASA astronauts train for their missions.”

About Zero Gravity Corporation

Zero Gravity Corporation (ZERO-G(R), is a
privately held space entertainment and tourism company whose mission is to
make the excitement and adventure of space accessible to the public. ZERO-G
is the first and only FAA-approved provide of Weightless Flight, termed The
ZERO-G Experience, which includes a full-day program led by a veteran
astronaut in which a Flyer (the customer) experiences Martian, Lunar, and Zero
Gravity conditions. The ZERO-G experience is conducted aboard G-FORCE ONE —
a specially modified, as well as the entertainment and film industries,
corporate and incentive market, non-profit research and education sectors, and
government. ZERO-G’s aircraft partner is Amerijet International, Inc., the
Fort Lauderdale-based cargo transportation and logistics provider. Zero
Gravity Corporation is headquartered in Dania Beach, Florida. Its flight
operations are conducted out of Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International
Airport. Visit or call (888) NO-GRAVITY (664-7284)
for more information.

SpaceRef staff editor.