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BridgeComm Partners with Space Micro for Contract With Space Development Agency for Optical Communications

By SpaceRef Editor
March 21, 2022
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BridgeComm, a leader in optical wireless communications (OWC) solutions and services, today announced they are partnering with Space Micro, Inc., powered by Voyager Space, for a 24-month development contract for advanced one-to-many optical communications from the Space Development Agency (SDA). BridgeComm and Space Micro will demonstrate MOCA’s point to multipoint optical wireless communications technology and how it can be deployed to support multi domain communications between space, air, land and sea. Space Micro is a leading supplier of affordable, high-performance, radiation-hardened communications systems.

“We are excited to begin developing optical communications solutions for SDA and eager to start working with our talented partners at Space Micro,” said Michael Abad-Santos, CEO of BridgeComm. “We have a lot of synergies, and are keen to capitalize on Space Micro’s spaceflight heritage, modern infrastructure and manufacturing capabilities. This partnership represents a big step in optical networking, free space communications, and full mesh point-to-multipoint, ultimately reducing our customers’ threat surface and increasing their resilience in space.”

Traditional laser communications are point-to-point (PtP) or a one-to-one relationship. However, with MOCA – which is modular and supports point-to-multipoint (PtMP) communications in the optical domain – one optical inter-satellite link can talk to as many as 40 different satellites in the field of view. MOCA will also allow SDA and other satellite operators that employ optical inter-satellite links to reduce overall system costs and implement different network topologies and architectures for tiered service levels.

“Combining our proven space-based optical communications products with BridgeComm’s MOCA solution allows us to deliver enhanced and resilient throughput to SDA,” said David Strobel, Executive Chair of Space Micro. “Our team looks forward to performing future terrestrial testing alongside BridgeComm, to further demonstrate the value of secure point-to-multipoint communications.”

“We congratulate SDA’s efforts to work with commercial space companies, to develop national security capabilities – and are thrilled for Space Micro and BridgeComm,” said Clay Mowry, Chief Revenue Office at Voyager Space. “We are confident that this partnership will further the effectiveness of point-to-multipoint communications in numerous domains, enhancing national security space communications.”

The development program is supported by the Space Development Agency (SDA) under Contract No. HQ085022C0005.

About BridgeComm

BridgeComm is a global leader in optical wireless communications solutions and services. Through a global network of ground stations designed to support complementary fixed and mobile terminals, the company provides fast, secure, enterprise-grade broadband services for a variety of markets, including space exploration, terrestrial networks for 5G connectivity and applications, and airborne lasercom for prominent applications including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, in-flight entertainment, and backhaul.

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About Space Micro Inc.

Space Micro Inc., powered by Voyager Space and based in San Diego, CA, is an engineering-driven supplier of affordable, high-performance, radiation-hardened communications, electro-optics, and digital systems for use in commercial, civil, and military space applications around the world. Space Micro solutions include Telemetry, Tracking and Command (TT&C) transmitters, mission data transmitters, space cameras, star trackers, image processors, Command & Data Handling (C&DH) systems and laser communications systems.

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About Voyager Space

Voyager Space is a space technology company with nearly 20 years of spaceflight heritage. Voyager’s long-term mission is to create a vertically integrated NewSpace company capable of delivering any space mission humans can conceive. The firm’s first-in-industry model is uniquely tailored to support the growth needs of commercial space companies by replacing traditional private capital models with a longer-term approach that provides permanent capital.


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