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Aviation and space community meet at landmark event

By SpaceRef Editor
March 18, 2015
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MONTREAL/VIENNA, 18 March (UN Information Service)  Members of the aviation and space community from around the globe gathered for the first time today at the Aerospace Symposium in Montreal, Canada, a landmark event jointly organized by the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In the coming days participants will explore regulations, practices, safety management and systems engineering methods in civil aviation, suborbital flights and developments in space transportation.

As UNOOSA Director Simonetta Di Pippo and the Director of the Air Navigation Bureau of ICAO, Nancy Graham, said in their statement, the “first step is to establish a common understanding of existing regulations and practices, including safety management and systems engineering methods. This will, in turn, provide a solid foundation for identifying and addressing challenges and opportunities related to emerging space activities, taking into account the interest of all society, and ensuring that it is accessible and open to all, and certain that it will bring far-reaching benefits to all States.”

The meeting is the first in a planned series of meetings between UNOOSA and ICAO, aiming to strengthening dialogue between the two communities. The space agenda is evolving and becoming more complex, not least considering the broader concept of space security, and the expanding commercial space sector. The nature of space activities is evolving to meet those realities and an enhanced dialogue with the aviation community will be pivotal to ensure the peaceful and equitable use of space for all.

The meeting is taking place at Assembly Hall, ICAO Headquarters. Further information can be found at

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