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ATK’s Propulsion and Control Systems Support Missile Defense Interceptor Test

By SpaceRef Editor
February 13, 2013
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ATK (ATK), the nation’s leading solid propellant rocket motor producer, provided two critical components for the most recent successful missile defense test involving a Standard Missile 3 (SM-3) Block IA guided missile. The test was held over the Pacific Ocean on Feb. 13, 2013.

ATK supplies the Third Stage Rocket Motor (TSRM) to Raytheon Company, the prime contractor for the SM-3. The TSRM is a dual-pulse propulsion system with thrust vector control and an integral attitude control system. This unique combination of subsystems provides the SM-3 with the flexibility to address a broad range of threats and helps to minimize end-game maneuvering required by the kinetic warhead.

ATK also supplies the Solid Divert and Attitude Control System (SDACS) to Raytheon. The SDACS propulsion system provides end-game maneuvering for the SM-3’s kinetic warhead in its final intercept of a target. It is the only solid propellant DACS that is in full-rate production and fielded for use.

“We are pleased to support another successful missile defense test. ATK is proud to be part of the SM-3 guided missile industry team that provides our nation this critical capability,” said Cary Ralston, vice president and general manager of ATK’s Missile Products division. “ATK’s years of design, development, and production expertise continue to support the success of the SM-3 system. We are dedicated to making certain our products deliver mission-assured performance.”

ATK manufactures the TSRM and SDACS at its Missile Defense & Controls operation in Elkton, Md.

ATK is an aerospace, defense, and commercial products company with operations in 21 states, Puerto Rico, and internationally. News and information can be found on the Internet at

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