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Asteroid Mining Company Announces Retail Site

By SpaceRef Editor
August 26, 2013
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Deep Space by Design Profits to Support Space Projects

While you may not be able to get there yet, Deep Space Industries is offering you the chance to participate in the opening of space while showing the world you are in the know, be it on your wall, on your desk or even on your body.

Deep Space, known for its goal of mining asteroids, today announced its retail division “Deep Space by Design”. Much more than a swag site or company store, Deep Space by Design offers high quality and sometimes edgy space related products including: clothing, art, jewelry, and exclusive products such as rare one of a kind meteorites through a partnership with “Meteorite Man” Geoff Notkin’s Aerolite Meteorites. And in a unique twist for online retailing, a portion of every sale will go to fund actual space projects.

“The concept of Deep Space by Design is something new. We aren’t just selling swag, we are offering people a chance to participate in space exploration and development while making a statement,” said Deep Space Chairman Rick Tumlinson. “While buying a T-shirt or coffee cup anywhere else may help a company’s bottom line, when you buy from DSbD we guarantee that a portion of the profit will help a real space engineer to work on a real space project.”

DSbD’s store ranges from “Kiss My Asteroid” T-shirts to an exotic Siberian meteorite that blasted in from space with a glow that outshone the Sun. (Asteroids become meteorites when they enter the atmosphere.) The site features a blend of humorous and visionary text with contemporary design and real science based products.

“DSbD will be constantly expanding and growing our product line, always with an eye towards what is cool and chic,” said Jasmine Johns, DSbD Marketing Director. “Sure, we have the basics; T-shirts and baseball caps, yet even these aren’t the usual low-end internet products, but high quality name brands such as Port Authority and Fruit of the Loom. From there we go straight up to signed art pieces, and soon we will roll out unique fashion and couture items available nowhere else.”

In coming months, Deep Space by Design will add products from not-for-profit organizations, an exclusive to DSbD high-fashion space-inspired clothing line, baby and kids clothes, bomber jackets, and even more irreverent T-shirts and items like the “Kiss my Asteroid!” line.

“The goal is to offer high end, edgy and unique products that start conversations and open people’s minds to the opening of space,” said DSbD’s Paul Fuller. “We want to share the wonder, the fun and the attitude of the frontier, all while helping pay to open it for everyone.”

From’s about page:

Our Vision

It has been said that if you can see the future, you can make it happen. We believe you should not only see it, but wear it, hang it on your wall and give it to your friends and family as gifts. Deep Space by Design is an exhibition of the profound drive we feel as individuals to explore & create. We are the distributors of dreams & suppliers of imagination. Join us!

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