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ASTER Labs, Inc will offer a webinar at SmallSat 2021 highlighting simulation and visualization software products for trajectory optimization and orbi

By SpaceRef Editor
August 11, 2021
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ASTER Labs, Inc. is a technology and research firm, that for over sixteen years has specialized in advanced solutions for space, air, terrestrial, and personal applications. Our company offers a range of products in the area of CubeSat and Micro-Sat components and platforms, as well as orbital mechanics and trajectory optimization software.

ASTER Labs is the official reseller of Space Inventor ApS Nanosatellite components, SatLab ApS satellite transceivers, Theia Space educational spacecraft emulators, and ASTOS Solutions GmbH software products. Please join our technical sales representatives Wednesday August 11, 2021 at 11AM MST for our second Live Event of this year’s SmallSat Conference.

The team will be on hand to introduce and answer questions on ASTER Labs’ Simulation and Educational Product Offerings, including trajectory optimization software from Astos Solutions, Small Satellite Training Equipment from Theia Space, and ASTER Labs’ own orbital simulation and visualization software products. Please visit ASTER Labs’ company profile on the SmallSat website for more information and links to this Live Event!

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