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Assessment of Dreamtime Holdings, Inc. Activities at The Johnson Space Center

By SpaceRef Editor
June 1, 2001
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The NASA Office of Inspector General has posted its report entitled
Assessment of Dreamtime Holdings, Inc. Activities at the Johnson Space
Center, G-01-016, to its web site.

To access the entire report, please go to:

Synopsis: The NASA Office of Inspector General reviewed NASA’s
management of Dreamtime Holdings, Inc. activities being conducted at
the Johnson Space Center under an established Space Act Agreement for
collaboration on multi-media activities. This Agreement constitutes
the Agency’s first major commercialization initiative relating to the
International Space Station (ISS) and includes several unique
provisions and features.

The collaboration is intended to create new business opportunities
based on potential public demand for high quality live and recorded
still and video images of space scenes and activities, including those
related to the assembly and operation of the ISS. Other stated
objectives of the collaboration include: mutual promotion of space
activities; generation of educational Web, documentary, and TV content;
digitization of currently underutilized NASA archives; implementation
of a Web-searchable multi-media database; shared use of state-of-the-
art high definition television equipment placed on the ISS, Space
Shuttles, and at NASA Centers and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL)
provided by Dreamtime; and shared use of state-of-the-art high
definition editing stations provided by Dreamtime. In addition, NASA
and Dreamtime intend to collaborate on the development of educational
products and documentary programming with the goal of increasing public
awareness of the ISS and its related programs.

As a result of our assessment activities, we found that more emphasis
needs to be placed on Agreement administration issues, especially
pertaining to oversight and accountability. We recommended that the
Agency negotiate appropriate consideration for any substantive changes
to the terms of the Agreement, improve tracking and accountability of
Government- and Dreamtime-provided resources, improve communications
regarding NASA regulations and directions applicable to on-site
personnel, and conduct periodic oversight of Dreamtime on-site

Management Response: NASA Management concurred with all nine

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