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Arkisys Teams with Motiv Space Systems for On-Orbit Aggregation Project

By SpaceRef Editor
January 31, 2017
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Arkisys™, a forward-thinking provider of new space solutions for scaleable platforms and new applications, announced today it has selected Motiv Space Systems™ robotics in a conceptual design phase of a project for on-orbit aggregation. The selection enables Arkisys’ vision for on-orbit construction of self-assembled platforms to move closer to reality. Arkisys’ will work with Motiv on developing the algorithms, mechanical interfaces, maneuver sequences and assembly processes in a ground testbed, tailored for on-orbit operation. Arkisys’ first project will focus on aggregation of two independently operating spacecraft on-orbit, post launch. 

“The Motiv team has demonstrated space robotics hardware and software for both NASA and DARPA, and has outstanding capabilities to enable this next step into on-orbit aggregation,” said David Barnhart, chief executive officer at Arkisys. “With our partner NovaWurks’ Hyper-Integrated Satlet (HISat™) enabled spacecraft successfully interfaced to operational payloads, we will work with Motiv to incorporate a robotically enabled docking adaptor to allow subsequent spacecraft to integrate, on-orbit.” 

Cellularization and aggregation via Novawurks’ HISats introduce a completely new way to design and construct spacecraft and space-based structures. While NovaWurks’ biologically inspired satlet technology instantiates the first concept of cellularization to a space platform, Motiv Space Systems robotic technology introduces the ability to aggregate disparate spacecraft together. “We are extremely excited to be selected for this revolutionary system and very much look forward to demonstrating robotic spacecraft aggregation technology with Arkisys,” said Chris Thayer, President and CEO of Motiv Space Systems. Arkisys’ goal is to introduce safe and cost-effective self-assembling spacecraft and platforms in any orbit, enabling new revenue operations and missions not possible through monolithic architecture, post-launch.

About Arkisys:

Arkisys, Inc., located in Los Alamitos, California, is a provider of spacecraft architectures, structures and platform solutions. Through design and creation, Arkisys offers affordable space-based systems for a wide variety of organizations interested in the next generation of on-orbit space-based commerce. For more information, visit

About Motiv Space Systems:

Motiv Space Systems provides advanced robotics and motion control solutions for the extreme environment of space. Operating out of its design and development facility in Pasadena, California, Motiv has an experienced and innovative staff capable of solving the most challenging problems and delivering reliable, cost effective, state-of-the-art solutions. Visit us at

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